Full Version: Brexit Is Dead In The Water - Daily Telegraph's Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.
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EU Fudge... Davis makes deal with May.. But kicks Brexit down the road with Delay
I'm a Brit who has lived in Ireland for some years but I spent hours and hours for months campaigning online for Brexit and was thrilled when we were triumphant. Now I wish I hadn't bothered. Richie and others were right when they said, pretty much straight after the result, that Brexit would never happen . But I'm clearly more gullible because it took me a lot longer to finally accept what they said. It is sickening beyond words.

My solution to the Irish border question is for Ireland to become all one country and then also leave the EU. I'm part of a campaign group for Irexit but that won't happen either. How on earth do we assert the will of the people? I wish I knew.

I will send a donation in the next few days, sorry I can't afford to do it on a regular basis at the moment just now and again. I was going to anyway but that plonker who thinks that Richie has no right to go a concert makes me more determined. I remember being told by a few people when working in one job, because the rules didn't allow them to do what they wanted to do, that I should remember that they paid my wages. I said to one man who had been extremely rude to me that if they were all like him I wouldn't do it for £1000 a week which was a hell of a lot of money then. Still is to me. I fully expected him to report me but I think he was so shocked he didn't. Because we need to earn a living doesn't make us people's slaves.

If you should happen to see this Richie I hope you enjoyed the Stones. I saw them 5 times over several years when they were at their peak and they were fantastic. I wish I'd been able to go to more pop concerts than I did so if you get the chance go for it.
Brussels plots to make Britons buy £50 visas to visit Europe, as EU plans reveal it IS getting ready for a no-deal Brexit