Full Version: Social Media and anonymity
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Set up an anonymous twitter account. Have had one since 2011 and had no hassle. Now that account has been "limited" until I give them my telephone number. Its so they can wipe out my anonymity in one easy swoop.

I then set up another one, and that went the same way within a few hours. Its probably because they have read my IP address and worked out it is me again.

Do any of the posters here have any ways around this?

I have set up a VPN now, so I may try it again.

As part of the bigger picture here its just another step by our owners to ensure that we are tracked 24/7 - 365 and they can keep tabs on us all. Just keep a keen eye on any news stories after any "terror attacks". WhatsApp, anonymous social media accounts come under scrutiny. If they could, theyd have us entering out National Insurance numbers as part of the application.

We are becoming China here in the UK and with the surveillance and "social credit" system not to far behind, I think we should be afraid. Very afraid.