Full Version: Is technology being used as a tool, for an age discrimination agenda?
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Many so called technological advances are leaving some older people to fall by the wayside. If older people are not up to speed with the latest devices, they are not only treated in a condescending way, they are ripped off by cyber criminals from various foreign countries. In my country Australia there is a scam were when you answer the phone, the person on the other end says, can you hear me, if you say yes, they use your voice authentication, to sign you up for a deal that you didn't want. I often have Indian people telling me they can fix my website, to which I reply you guys can't even make a proper cricket pitch, how can you fix my website.
When younger people try to explain technology to older people, they often get annoyed with them because they don't embrace all the new updated devices. Instead of talking to an older person as if they have just stepped out of a time machine from the past. They need to remember that the older person has lived in the past,( a real reality not some virtual one), but is also still living in the present, and that is why perhaps they are skeptical of technology. I believe a good analogy of this is found in a conversation I had with a very tall friend of mine who said when people were teasing him about his height, he replied 'Ive been your height but you have never been mine'. I am 61 years old , I don't know what it's like to be an 80 year old but I know what it's like to be 30. Then I guess it comes down to perhaps, past values as apposed to current ones. My experience as a young person was that you called older people Mr or Mrs, if they were friends of my parents, it was Aunty or Uncle, unless they said otherwise, this was a term of respect. The movie's I watched as a youth, had adult hero's to aspire to be like (mine was Sean Connery) not  lead actors my own age. I noticed attitudes change in the 1960s when the hippy teachers at my school started saying call me by my first name not Mister or Miss.
I find it interesting that Jehovah witnesses want to call God by his first name, Jehovah, Jesus said to call God father. If I had called my father by his first name by the way he probably would have knocked me down, so I called him Dad. My dear Nan who was 80 in 1966 when Australia changed from the British currency to decimal currency, she often would say 'why don't they wait until all the old people die first'. I am sure there are a lot of older people who think the same way about today's technology and current trends.
Richie was correct when he spoke about older people being able to add up in their heads without a calculator, also they can spell without spell check. The ability to remember phone numbers and credit card pins is also being lost, with computers remembering for us. A young girl came into my music shop with two twenty dollar notes in her hand to purchase a book, when I said the music book she wanted was $19 she went to give me both notes, until I said you only need one. A young man also came in wanting a guitar, after 10 minutes of showing him different types of guitars with very little interaction from him, I said do you like this one? his reply was a grunt and after a long pause he said yeah. After another pause I said would you like to buy it? he then grunted yeah, perhaps what I should have said to him is "would you like to proceed to check out to finalize your payment". Maybe that behavior is why modern movies are preparing us for some kind of zombie apocalypse.
I agree with the reference the other day to the apple logo being linked to the garden of Eden. I also think the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is a great description of the internet, and society is being fed Megabytes and Gigabytes of the same apple daily. I also believe you need real life experience to know what to type into Google to be able to choose correctly from the answers it gives us. I will stick to getting my information from the tree of life also from the garden of Eden, to me that is my filter for the knowledge I receive.
I can relate to the living by numbers model, I had an old freind in his late eighties who could remember every telephone number before and after the additonal digits were added, he was of a practical nature, hands on type of person who was good at problem solving, where hand to eye coordination steps in to work things out.

Today most people have a voice activated device glued to their hands and walk around like true zombies waiting for the sirens to sound and follow the pied piper into the mountain side as in the kids nuresery rhym.

Living by numbers is not a new concept BTW, the Hebrew system is the forerunner to what we are witnessing today, and it is being perfected for those who touch this reality instead of typing it in good English, and as the system declines so will will intuition and problem solving, it is so obvious to see for us older folk but not those who were born into the state and system that has been given to them without truly earning it by practicality.

Zebrinski like Orwell did warn us what was coming but we were to distracte by their golden triangle of Money, Religion and spoken Laws not of our making.

I much prefer true nature to man made nature every time, in nature nothing is left unturned or unprotected, where the only numbers that count are new beings being born for their longevity.

If our temple and mind is to survive what is coming it must be able to think clearly for itself without distraction of any kind from those wanting to control it for them, there is no other way to live, but live and let live, only then will the true Eden above remain strong against all the odds thrown at it.