Full Version: High Court Says No To Gender-Neutral Passports In Victory For Common Sense.
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I have absolutely no problem with the sexuality, or homosexuality of other human beings. However, when they try to enforce selfish changes that take away the choices of others, it's time to face that selfishness down. Many are confusing social acceptance with some sort of special privilege. Not so... The ideology of replacing human reproductive heterosexuality, with a new wave of gender bankruptcy is ill conceived. To be confused with ones sexuality, does NOT take away from the fact the the anatomy of our wonderful construct is what we are. Indeed, there are faults, too many to list. However, for example left handed people do not consider themselves a special case in this life, they just get on with it. In summery, the GENDER NEUTRAL agenda is extremely dangerous. If allowed to continue, eventually we will all become GENDER NEUTERED!!