Full Version: The Problem with Modern Argument
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I've just posted a thread about the Tommy Robinson narrative - which dragged me into a meaningless argument with someone on Twitter this week when I challenged something they said. After deflection , patronization, and conditional retraction - the person said "I don't even like the man"


The fact I've brought this up and posted about it made me think that I might be getting into more arguments about this now 

And I reflected on my Twitter experience .

People - including ME - seem to assume the person they are talking to is stupid - Until proven otherwise . 

I can't remember the last time someone gently and graciously corrected me about something  - or defeated my proposition with Precise Argumentative Skill

I TRY to do that - butI find that the "challegee" tends to try to reduce the dialogue to a dirt slinging match as quickly as possible - to get any intellectual incidence out of the exchange 

But why shouldn't they - when I've already assumed they "haven't thought it rhrough?"

Well two things 

First of all if one is going to publish their political and ideological beliefs in a public domain they should be prepared - indeed WELCOME - the opportunity to defend them - 

And two - 

I've noticed people - ok including me I guess - "WE" assume someone is stupid for having a different opinion than us

I wish I could get round it

But one way to get around it is to be CORRECTED by rational argument with a view to the other  not being so unflexibke as to not be prepared  change their mind.

Oh but that's being "weak" isn't it?


Like this country is MADE UP of "Strong People"

Like being "inflexible" is a sign of "Strength"

Believe me there are strong people out there . But theyre not the people you think. .People who are providing full time care for sick and elderly relatives , District nurses , Childhood and adult rape survivors , victims of Narcissistic Families. People like the mother of that poor child with the severe epilepsy who has fought and fought to treat him with CBD oil.

Strength is not flashy or exciting or charismatic. It is grim endurance in the face of great hardship .

And inflexibility is not strength at All

Its foolishness and Vanity 


Me and my big mouth