Full Version: Chris Hart / The Priory Issue / MK Ultra
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I was very affected and very troubled by the sad details of your interviewees' abuse last night and concur  - that sounds like MK Ultra programming. I feel it was easy to rush to judgement about her agreeing to misrepresent herself as spying on Celebrities in 'The Priory' as she may have been "Triggered" to comply by her programming. She should seek highly experienced professional aid in facing what has happened to her - indeed some of your guests are experts on this subject aren't they ? Can't you put her in touch with them ? I just assumed she was a journalistic gutter rat. I misjudged her. I feel deep sympathy  for her. They've ruined her life. And God knows how much she has been put to work by the hidden hand deploying her as an unconscious agent via her programming.