Full Version: UK Government To Establish Unit To Counter "Fake News."
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Thought the bbc was doing that [Image: wink.png]
Should be covered by OFCOM, so theat everybody gets treated the same. God knows the sources of mainstream media are dubious enough.

I don't remember anybody worrying about Obama's one million donation to the Kenya election campaign 10 years ago. And don't forget him openly trying to persuade the UK to stay in the EU.
Combating so called disinformation through a dedicated national security communications unit will simply perpetuate the situation we have today of two Worlds - the seen, and the unseen. They operate in the same ‘space’ distorting and deceiving and yet masquerade as one.

First, there is the world that humanity in general experiences as the seen. This is where governments are chosen by the ballot box through something called ‘democracy’ and from this come laws and regulations that apply to everyone, including governments, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, military, and so on. This world doesn’t really exist in any form except in theory and the structure of government and ‘democracy’ in all its expressions is there to control the population, not to hold itself to account.

The ‘laws’ apply only to the ‘little people’, with increasingly rare exceptions, while the other world does as it likes. It is the realm of secret societies, semi-secret groups, banks and corporations that dictate public policy and the direction of human society by imposing the laws from the shadows which, in the world of the seen, appear on the surface to be the work of politicians accountable to ‘The People’ through open debate and elections.

In this realm of the unseen there are no laws or checks and balances on unfettered power. It is, after all, the realm created by unfettered power to simply expand unfettered power. In other words, it does whatever it wants without challenge or accountability, except in the sense that lower levels of the unseen are strictly accountable to those above them. The unseen hierarchy is accountable only to itself and not at all to the hierarchy of the seen that we see as governments, intelligence agencies, law enforcement and military.

Once you realise this, there is nothing in reality that even insiders or whistleblowers can tell you that is not already obvious. Once the truth is exposed for all to see, the fact that so many, not least in the mainstream media react with shock and outrage, shows just how firewalled the unseen is from the perceptions of the seen.

This world we live in is both shocking and outrageous.
For anyone encountering the double speakinging paradigm for the first time, here is a must read for those wondering how fake news was instituted in our modern and as some call Big Bad Mad World.

What is coming into view is a series of governmental bodies that cannot stop, will not stop its modus operandi that began a very long time ago, even before Machievelli wrote his famous book, "The Prince". To do so it would cease being able to function upon the lies on top of lies infinitum, here is our false paradigm in full flow and feeding from our energy.

Modern Govenance is like a continuous polit bureau which is now gearing up to close down all real news outlets and once this happens most who have followed governmental history know, that what comes next, "the powers that should not be" cannot suddenly close down all of the avenues that Lenin mentioned in his books, because the people would truly wake up to what is going on.

From here on in its up to those who strive to be free to" "Re-skill" and begin helping each other, but they must leave behind the system that is so adapt at finding new ways that Bernays used to get the people to part with their labour for goods that are created by another who are working for less than they deserve, I think we all know what I am trying to get across here.

Most of our alternative news concentrates upon what has just happened after it has been penned into existance which leaves those in the flow of the stream at second base, Nearly all of the alternatives do this, what would be far better would be to recognize our position on the smorgarsbord and begin talking about how to avoid being trapped by those holding the strings to that net, this is why its called an INTER-NET.

Lets look at what the word when broken down into its Ammonian Radicals, what it actually means.

If those in the net are trying to find a way out there isn't one, unless younger minds can slip through the net slowly encompassing them, it is these smaller fry that are able to slip through the net, that are being given the illusion of escape and or freedom who will be the ones caught later.

Do we know how to make our own net finders thus be able to steer away from the sounders from above before it gets into our immediate environment.

This is what we might be doing with and for each other outside of their net now almost closed off at the nape.

There is no sollution to our quandry if we stand and fight their system, using the same one put there for us to play within.

Cease looking for the hole with which to squeeze through, its normally too late by then, learn how to create new was to spot the net coming. And it must be pro-bono, no patents, no copyrite, but free for all.