Full Version: Engineered Financial Crisis
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An Elite one percent (less in fact) is stealing the world and 50 per cent is not nearly enough for them. They want the lot. 

One method of mass acquisition is to dip or crash stock markets by elite/bloodline families withdrawing their multiple trillions and waiting for business and asset prices to hit the bottom. Then they buy them for cents on the dollar before the re-infusion of their multi-trillions expands the market and the value of the stocks that they have just bought for a song. 

The Rothschilds did this most famously in the London Stock Market at the time of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 when they started a rumour that Britain had lost and the market crashed. Rothschild agents bought enormous amounts of stock at knock-down prices during the panic and prices then soared again when the news came through that, as the Rothschilds knew all along, the Duke of Wellington had defeated Napoleon. 

This happens time after time, and major financial players like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers always end up richer in the wake of banking and financial collapses, as demonstrated after the crash of 2008.
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