Full Version: Chemical Weapons and Syria
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How to legitimize the attacks and sanctions -

... over Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen or even North Korea?
“Sanctions on Iraq, Syria, Yemen, North Korea or Iran, are the economic equivalent of atom bombs” ....
US Special Forces helping FSA plot Chemical Attacks to trigger strikes on Syrian Forces says Russian Mod
Torture, starvation, executions -
... Eastern Ghouta civilians talk of life under terrorist rule

Last week I wrote about what civilians from Ghouta told me regarding unverified claims of the Syrian Army attacking them with chemicals, but they also talked about crimes committed by terrorists and the White Helmets’ role ....
US airstrikes kill 18 civilians in Northeast Syria -

As US and Kurdish forces carried out offensives against ISIS in the area, US warplanes carried out airstrikes against the town of Khoeberah, in the mostly Kurdish Hasakeh Province of northeast Syria, killing 18 civilians ...

Iran released ‘Damascus Time’ movie on ISIS in Syria -

The “West” is competing against the “East” on the Syrian battlefield, in conflicting news and analysis, and now also in the cultural and film arena. A new full-length action movie, titled “Damascus Time”, gives an Iranian perspective on the battle against ISIS in Syria.
Syrian FM condemns U.S.-led coalition actions in Hasakah -
The Syrian Foreign Ministry sent a letter to the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as well as to the head of the Security Council on the striking a group of civilians  in Tal al-Shayer in Hasakah province by the jets of the US-led international coalition ....
USS Harry Truman Carrier Strike group off the coast of Syria

Is another false flag Chemical Weapons Attack on the Horizon?
The White Helmets.. A tool for regime change in Syria that is too important to stop funding
US officially resumes funding for the white helmets in Syria -

In a somewhat surprising but not entirely unpredictable turn, President Trump has authorized new funding for the White Helmets which had previously been put on hold.....
Did Washington just Bomb Syrian Government Troops
Syrian school students organized massive action

... against US illegal presence (photos)
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