Full Version: Chemical Weapons and Syria
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Uk ands US Financing 54 Militia Groups in Syria despite Trump vow to get out
White Helmets are helping Militants prepare for another  false flag Chemical Attack say Idlib Residents
French firm probed for funding jihadists in Syria -

... for profit

French rights group Sherpa, one of the plaintiffs in the case, said it was the first time that a company anywhere in the world had been charged with complicity in crimes against humanity ....

Syrian Army announces the full liberation of Badia Desert from ISIS -

Yesterday the Syrian General Command announced the liberation of the entire Badia Desert in Deir Ezzor province from ISIS terrorists ....
Bellingcat & Atlantic Council join to award exploited Syrian child -

... & American mass murderer
Just when we thought the over-used Bana al-Abed story was in the war propaganda dustbin, the wonder-child theme has again been re-hashed, this time by the Atlantic Council.

The so-called “think tank” recently highlighted the nine-year old at a conference that also included former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright ....

What is the Atlantic Council?
Is the Atlantic Council some benevolent organization handing out awards to do-gooding people?
No. It’s a Washington DC-based think tank, which promulgates lies and propaganda to further imperialist wars and weapons sales, among other things. One of its Syria “experts” is none other than Bellingcat’s Eliot Higgins, who recently took to social media to tell people to suck his “big balls,” making him more of a laughing stock than this backgrounder on the man with no qualifications to his title.
Liberating Southwest Syria from US supported Terrorists
British jets bombed Syrian forces in Tanf last month: Paper
Daraa: terrorists using civilians as human shield -

The terrorists in the Southern parts of Syria are presently using the civilians as human shields, while forcing others to join the fight against the Syrian army in Dara’a battlefield......

People took the streets of Daraa in Assad’ support -

Despite unprecedented western propaganda on bombardment in Daraa allegedly made by the Government Forces situation in the province have been changing quickly. A lot of people have already taken the streets of Daraa. The gatherings in support of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in many other towns of Daraa province are gaining momentum .....
Propaganda Organisation The White Helmets engage in Anti Assad Activities... by Sy Hirsh
Syrian government to repair bridges -

... destroyed by US coalition in eastern Syria
Secret US 2006 gov’t document reveals plan -

... to destabilize Syria by using extremists, Muslim Brotherhood, elections

As the Syrian government makes massive gains across the country, many are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel for the Western destabilization and attempt to destroy the secular government of Syria by the United States and the West ....
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