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The Coleman Experience - PLEASE HELP - Survivors - 01-19-2019

The Coleman Experience blog - PLEASE HELP

The Coleman Experience Blog ( disappeared seemingly overnight.

Courageous investigator 'B. Coleman' was brilliantly and methodically exposing the links between:

  • Westminster City Council and its then property, the Dolphin Square flat complex in Pimlico, not far from the Houses of Westminster
  • and Westminster City (Tory) Councillors allegedly raping children in 'paedophile parties' in those very same Dolphin Square flats  
  • and the alleged roles of John Allen, Lord Alistair McAlpine, Ian Greer, Derek Laud and others in trafficking boys to Dolphin Square from the Bryn Alyn Community care homes in North Wales owned by John Allen
  • and one or more child pornography video production companies reportedly owned by John Allen ... the alleged screening of child abuse films in Dolphin Square for top Tories ... and related child pornography import & export activities  
  • and also the alleged involvement in these alleged activities of a number of MPs and peers.

There has been some speculation that 'Mr Coleman' may have been forced to abruptly 'disappear himself' (either from the blogosphere, and/or possibly from the face of the earth, too) because of legal action initiated by or on behalf of Dame Esther Rantzen. Or possibly because of actual or perceived threats on 'Mr Coleman's' life or liberty. (Read more here:

Nevertheless, speculation is just that. No one seems to know for certain why 'Mr Coleman' and his blog so abruptly vanished into the ether.

But now some good news...

'Mr B. Coleman's' Freedom of Information requests - all 130 of them - and the responses from government bodies - have turned up on the Internet.

Please read them carefully at the web link below:

Do also consider printing the FOI requests and responses. And RE-BLOGGING them!  And TWEETING the link!

After all, valuable information has a nasty habit of vanishing from the internet overnight. We've seen it happen time and time again.

Here is the link to 'B. Coleman's' FOI requests and the responses:

VERY IMPORTANT:  Please post below anything interesting that you discover as you go through the material. Together we can crack this and win justice for the alleged victims, some but not all of whom died because of what they went through.