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Venezuela - Steve - 01-30-2019

Venezuela says US stealing oil revenue -

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro attends a meeting at the Miraflores Palace in the capital, Caracas, on January 28, 2019. (Photo by Reuters)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has lashed out at the United States over new unilateral sanctions imposed on the Latin American country’s oil sector, vowing to take legal action in response to the move....

Former UN expert: US sanctions possible “crime against humanity”

“What’s at stake is the enormous, enormous natural resources of Venezuela. And I sense that if Venezuela had no natural resources no one would give a damn about Chavez or Maduro or anybody else there.” — Former UN official Alfred de Zayas....

Refusal to hand over Venezuelan gold

... means end of Britain as a financial center – Prof. Wolff

French hypocrisy when it comes to Venezuela

French President Emmanuel Macron recently voiced support for protesters in Venezuela while his own country has been ground to a halt by massive protests every Saturday for eleven weeks....

To understand what is happening in Venezuela and other countries, one needs to look back to the post World War II era -

Aftermath of World War II and The Hidden (US) Government ...

With the war at an end, the world was at the mercy of the Global Elite. Europe was devastated, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and economically –as it was planned to be. The enormity of the deceit may be hard to comprehend as you survey those endless rows of white gravestones in the war cemeteries of France, but those young men and women did not die for freedom in its true sense. They died to satisfy the Elite agenda for global domination.

Of course, if those soldiers on both sides had known that, there would have been no war. Instead, they were presented with a story that the Nazis were a uniquely evil creation that had to be stopped by the forces of goodness, freedom, and virtue. Again, another black and white fantasy. The Nazi philosophy was unspeakable, but it was also the philosophy of those who controlled the Allies. 

The same forces funded and manipulated both sides and at the end of World War II, the United States was the most powerful country on Earth. It had bankrolled the war and, through the lend-lease system of supplying armaments on the basis of ‘have now, pay later’, Europe was drowning in debt to the American –Elite-controlled –bankers. Roosevelt had told Churchill years earlier that the British Empire would have to be dismantled and now that was a certainty. Britain’s long period of pre-eminence was over, destroyed by the two World Wars. Britain should never have had an ‘empire’ in the first place, but we need to keep our eyes on why it was brought to an end by those plotting their own world supremacy. If you read the Illuminati Protocols you will see that the use of debt and wars as a means of control was precisely what the manipulators had always planned.

These protocols came to light late in the last century and, although they have been condemned as a ‘forgery’, they tell the story of the twentieth century with remarkable accuracy. Whoever wrote them knew what was coming. The debt they talk about was to grow still more, with the European countries borrowing heavily from America, to rebuild their towns and cities in the aftermath of all the bombing that had gone on. 

The United States (Global Elite) introduced its Grand Area strategy to control Western Europe, the whole of the Western hemisphere, the Middle and Far East, and the former British Empire. The Third World was essential to this policy. 

In the words of a 1949 memo by the US State Department, the Third World would “… fulfil its major function as a source of raw materials and a market for industrial capitalist societies”. 

Put another way, it was going to be mentally, emotionally, and physically raped. George Kennan at the State Department even suggested at this time that Europe might enjoy a ‘psychological lift’ from exploiting Africa, as declassified documents reveal. Vital to this plan was to ensure that no country, particularly in the Third World, was allowed to delink from Elite economic domination and run their economy for the benefit of the people. 

This so called ‘threat of a good example’, which others might follow, led to slaughter across South and Central America and the East, including Vietnam. Henry Kissinger (Comm 300) would call the introduction of social and economic reforms in Third World countries a ‘virus’ that, if allowed to thrive, would ‘infect’ a much wider area. Or, as Secretary of State Dean Acheson (Comm 300) said in the late 1940s, “One rotten apple can spoil the barrel”. The Elite’s barrel. 

The more terror that could be used against leaders and people trying to eliminate dependency on the Elite bankers and multinationals, the less likely it was that anyone else would try it. This was the fundamental and base motivation behind the United States (Elite) strategy which engineered the horrors in Vietnam, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Brazil, Italy, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Laos, Grenada, Honduras, Iran, and Indonesia. You would need a map of the world to list them all. 

Behind these events and the overthrow of democratically elected governments were many of the Nazis employed all over the world by the CIA. The SS officer and Gestapo chief, Klaus Barbie, the ‘Butcher of Lyon’, was one who was employed by the Americans to spy on the French. For hundreds, if not thousands, of Hitler’s men who were bankrolled by the CIA, it was ‘business as usual’ after the ‘defeat’ of Nazism.

The manipulation was happening on many levels, but the most important goal was to cause so much conflict between nation states (the problem), that public opinion would demand that something must be done (the reaction), and the Elite could then unveil its long-term plan for centralised global institutions under the control of a tiny clique (the solution). 

In summary, the foundation themes of the Elite’s plan immediately after the war were the following: 

•To introduce a world authority called the United Nations (with associated bodies like the World Health Organisation), which could evolve into a world government with powers to control the lives of everyone on the planet. 

•To continue to cause conflicts across the world and to use the fear of the Soviet Union to massively increase spending on nuclear weapons and ‘conventional’ weapons, thus adding to the terror of nuclear war and demands for global security. To set up an American-European defence alliance (which was called the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)) and a United Nations ‘peace’ keeping force, which, through the engineering engineering of conflicts, would eventually be fused together to form the world army. 

•To create three ‘free trade’ regions in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, which would be sold to people initially as merely economic groupings. Gradually, however, these would be evolved into centralised political unions, with one central bank and one currency. These would be stepping-stones to the introduction of the same institutions on a global scale. The European Economic Community, now the European Union, was the first of these, but the other two are now underway, also. 

•To advance the control of public opinion and to research and expand the understanding of how to manipulate the human psyche, individually and collectively. Today this agenda includes the microchipping of people and their permanent connection to a global computer. 

•To create a welfare state while destroying alternatives to the economic system and, when the desired dependency had been achieved, to dismantle that state welfare support, so creating a vast underclass without help or hope. 

•To make fantastic amounts of money in the course of realising all of these ambitions via the Elite-controlled companies and banks. 

•To continually add to the debt burdens of people, business, and state, thus increasing the control exerted over the approach which was followed to hoodwink public thinking was painfully predictable, but highly effective: Discredit the nation state. 

This was laid out during the War by the German economist and refugee, Hans Heymann, who produced his Plan for Permanent Peace using funds given by… the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. In this work he said: “Nations have created international disharmony in the vain belief that harmony in our society can be achieved on a national basis… This narrow-minded approach has left us one strong hope, namely, that this fallacious concept may hold only during a transitional period… After the debacle [World War Two] an international organisation will be imperative, for the well-being of society as a whole.” It was classic problem-reaction-solution.

In 1945, the original Round Table secret society had two main offshoots –the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) at Chatham House in London (which had branches in many other parts of the world), and the RIIA’s United States branch, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York (which had branches across the United States). In the post-war years, these would be joined by the Bilderberg Group (Bil), the Trilateral Commission (TC), and the Club of Rome (CR) to form a highly effective network of manipulation which comprises a very significant element of the secret government of the world –a government that is far more powerful than any elected authority.

You will find the membership of these organisations among the elite of global politics and political ‘advisors’, banking, oil companies, multinational corporations, media owners, executives and journalists, the military, the law, and education. They work as organisations within organisations, infiltrating these spheres of influence and secretly promoting the Global Elite agenda. The majority of their colleagues and employees have no idea what is going on or how they are being used. As with the Round Table, there are distinct circles of people within these front groups. There is an elite core who work full time for the cause; a circle of members who know the agenda and work within their own organisations to achieve it; and an outer circle of members who are not aware of the real and full implications of the agenda, but are useful to the manipulators in the short term. 

Not everyone who is a member of these organisations is a conscious manipulator and we need to use our intuition and the information presented by researchers to decide which ones know the score and which are being used without understanding what they are really involved in. The influence of these groupings and of their associated power blocs are contained in the United Nations and the European Union.

RE: Venezuela - Steve - 02-02-2019

A message from Maduro to the United States -

The message -

I am Nicolas Maduro, Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.  I want to send a message to the people of the United States to alert about the campaign, of the communications and psychological war that unfolds in the international media, especially in the US media, against Venezuela. A campaign has been prepared to justify a coup in Venezuela. It has been prepared, financed and actively supported by the Trump administration, as the public already knows. A brutal campaign of fake and doctored images has been put forward. Don't believe everything the media tells you. I say this from the bottom of my heart. Since they can't make up that Venezuela and Maduro have weapons of mass destruction in order to intervene against us, everyday they make up images, fake news, an onslaught against Venezuela, to justify an intervention against our country.  

I call on your conscience. I call on your solidarity. I call for an awakening of the truth. Let's not allow another Vietnam in Latin America. If the United States intends to intervene against us, they'll have a Vietnam, worse than can be imagined Let's not allow violence. We are a people of peace, proud of our history, and of Simon Bolivar and Hugo Chavez.

We are a solid democracy. We're a people addressing our problems that arise everyday as in any other society. We are a people that deserve respect. We are a country with the certified greatest oil reserves in the world. And the eyes of those leading the US empire want to lay hands on our oil like they did in Iraq, like they did in Libya. No. Our oil belongs to us. We're certified with the first (largest) gold reserve in the world. We're certified having the fourth largest gas reserve in the world. We're a country of great energy resources, natural resources. That's the real truth about the relentless attack on Venezuela.

So I call for an awakening of conscience, an awakening of solidarity in the United States, and to not allow President Donald Trump and the group of extremists surrounding him -- John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, the CIA, Mike Pence -- to not allow the extremist groups to impost their lies about Venezuela and the coup they support. Support Venezuela and its struggle for democracy. I'm counting on you, citizens of the US. 
Here in Venezuela, you have a brother. I'm an admirer of the history of the United States. And I know it well. I've personally driven in Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, Washington.  I know the United States deeply and I wish to have relations of respect and closeness of cooperation with all of the United States. The United States is much greater than Donald Trump -- much greater -- and I wish to have good relations and solve our problems. Let's take the path of diplomacy, of peace. I ask for respect for Venezuela. And I ask for the support of the people of the United States to prevent a new Vietnam, especially here in America. I ask for peace, I ask for respect. I am sure that we will go on the historic path because we are on the right side of history. We are on the right side of history. 

Thank you very much.

RE: Venezuela - Steve - 02-03-2019

The US Is Orchestrating a Coup in Venezuela -

Venezuela Donated Free Heating Oil to 100,000 Needy US Households, 2005-2013 -

Venezuela's Election System Holds Up As A Model For The World....

Former UN Expert: US sanctions against Venezuela are Largely Responsible for Crisis, Possible “Crime Against Humnity” ...

The REAL reason the U.S. wants regime change in Venezuela (Video)


RE: Venezuela - Steve - 02-23-2019

An Ocean of Lies on Venezuela....

The War on Venezuela is built on Lies - John Pilger

"Senator Rubio has been Capitol Hill’s single most virulent advocate of US interventionism in Venezuela, and has been tweeting about it constantly. Since Washington’s bogus “humanitarian aid” delivery sparked violence on the borders of Columbia and Brazil, as it was intended to, Rubio has cranked his interventionist cheerleading up to eleven. The fact that Maduro would not allow a government that is openly staging a coup in Venezuela to hand a large unchecked delivery over to opposition factions within that very nation has been used to sell a narrative that Venezuela’s Evil Dictator is deliberately cutting off aid to a needy populace, which was of course planned. This narrative has been helped along by highly suspicious photo-friendly fires, and has been injected into mainstream consciousness with hysterical urgency by the likes of Rubio, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and the entire Trump administration. And it is completely false.

Firstly, Maduro is not refusing humanitarian aid for his people. Only an idiot would believe that the latest Official Bad Guy (who coincidentally happens to be sitting on top of the largest oil reserves on earth) is intentionally starving and depriving his people, and anyone who makes such claims should have to explain how they make that work in their minds. What’s the idea behind that, exactly? Is he starving them all and cutting them off from medical supplies because he hates them? Is he trying to kill everyone in Venezuela so that he can have the entire country to himself? Does he have some strange sexual fetish for the slow starvation of an entire citizenry? How specifically does this work?

In reality, Maduro has been accepting aid from everywhere except from the government that is openly staging a coup in his country in gross violation of its national sovereignty. Just last week Caracas accepted 933 tons of food and medical supplies from China, Cuba, India and Turkey, and Russia has shipped in 300 tons of aid on its own."

[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.843137)]Psychopathic US Senator Openly Calls For Maduro To Suffer Gaddafi’s Fate....[/color]

RE: Venezuela - Steve - 02-26-2019

If every debate about US interventionism was about Godzilla instead...

Argentine Tourist Recorded Caracas Day to Day: “There is no Civil War, it is a Global Scam Around Venezuela”

Footage Contradicts U.S. Claim That Maduro Burned Aid Convoy....

RE: Venezuela - Steve - 03-20-2019

America’s Venezuela strategy: coup by sheer narrative control ....

Leaked: USA’s Feb 2018 plan for a coup in Venezuela ....

Media lies in service of war for regime change in Venezuela ...

Essay on Venezuela.....

RE: Venezuela - Steve - 05-19-2019

Who knows? Who cares?

... if the media claim 50 countries reject Venezuela’s elected President and repeat it enough it must be true

RE: Venezuela - Steve - 07-04-2019

Israël against the Venezuelans -

A new coup d’etat was attempted on 24 June in Venezuela. Thierry Meyssan reveals that it was directed both against the administration of Nicolás Maduro and his pro-US opponent Juan Guaidó. Furthermore, according to the recordings of the conversations between the conspirators, it was supervised by the Israëlis.....

RE: Venezuela - Firestarter - 09-15-2019

I hope (and think) that Steve understands that I don´t mean any offence, when I disagree on a couple of important issues.

I’m a firm believer of adverse publicity...
All of the adverse publicity from Western Europe and the US never hurt the Ayatollahs of Iran:
Likewise Nicolas Maduro, who is such a wonderful president for big oil, is effectively supported by all of the fake stories that the US and EU want to get rid of him!

Even if I succeed in showing that all of the publicity from North America and West Europe has been boosting the popularity of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela for years, most people won’t believe that this is an intentional strategy.
On the other hand, portraying Juan Guaido as a “Yankee puppet” won’t make him popular for most Venezuelans...

The New York Times has actually reported that the threats from the US “simply feed Mr. Maduro’s conspiracy theories, undermine attempts to isolate the regime, and hamper efforts to support the Venezuelan people”!
In other words – support Maduro...

For many Venezuelan officials and their families the tourist attractions in the USA — like Miami, New York and Disney World – are a popular holiday destination.
In 2017, the Trump administration announced a travel ban on Venezuela. That the travel restrictions only applied to a tiny fraction of Venezuelans, shows that this won’t really have much influence on national security.
It seems unlikely that the travel restrictions would stop making the US a popular holiday destination for the elite of Venezuela.

Also interesting is that the US accused Venezuelan diplomats of running a scheme to sell passports to people in the Middle East (Arabs?) with “ties to terrorism”:*/https:/

Family of Maduro cronies are living abroad, like for example in Miami and Madrid...

Trump’s team has claimed that military leaders who don´t endorse Juan Guaido as interim president have to leave the US.
Officials “forgot” to specify the timeframe in which the US and its allies will start deporting the families of Maduro loyalists:

It’s impossible to understand how Latin America is controlled without taking the Catholic Church into account.

On 4 February 2019, it was first reported that Nicolas Maduro had written a letter asking Pope Francis to “help us on the path of dialogue “ to mediate in the political situation in Venezuela.
Maduro told Sky Tg24: “The Pope knows that I am a practitioner of faith. I pray, a Christian of prayer and action. And with this spirit I asked for help”.

On his return trip from Panama a week earlier, continuing to the UAE, Pope Francis told reporters that it would be “pastoral imprudence” to choose sides in Venezuela (which he confirmed since) and called for “a just and peaceful solution” and:

I once or twice read claims that all installed puppet leaders are really freemasons. The following video shows that both Maduro and Juan Guaido are freemasons (or at the very least affiliated with freemasonry).
Which makes Guaido nothing but “controlled opposition”.

I once or twice read claims that all installed puppet leaders are really crypto-Jews (maybe crypto-Khazars?)...

Maduro and his predecessor, Hugo Chávez, have widely been accused of anti-Semitism.
Nicolas Maduro defended himself against these accusations by telling the world that he himself descended from Sephardic Jews:
Quote:My grandparents were Jewish, from a [Sephardic] Moorish background, and converted to Catholicism in Venezuela… The mother of [Minister of Communication and Information] Ernesto Villegas also comes from a similar background.

if there is a people that has a rich socialist tradition, it’s the Jewish people… We respect their history.

RE: Venezuela - Firestarter - 09-17-2019

I was prepared to give Hugo Chavez the benefit of the doubt. But maybe he was as dirty as Nicolas Maduro...

The CIA has strongly denied any involvement in the 2002 coup (either staging it or helping Hugo Chavez).
Then on 24 November 2004, State Department Spokesman Adam Ereli referred to a 2002 report of the Office of Inspector General that in the run-up to the coup, the US Government had warned Chavez’s Government of Venezuela of the coming coup and an assassination threat.
Quote:QUESTION: Yes. It's about Venezuela. What do you think of the terrorist attack in Caracas that killed the prosecutor Danilo Anderson, who was investigating opposition members for the coup against Chavez in 2002? And the suspect of the attack was killed by the Venezuelan police yesterday. I don't know if you have something.
MR. ERELI: I hadn't seen that. We spoke to this matter last week. We condemned this. We condemn the killing of the prosecutor. We called it a terrorist act and we called for a swift and full investigation and said we viewed it as a terrible crime.

QUESTION: Also on Venezuela, too. There are newly released CIA documents that show that the CIA knew of an imminent plot to oust Chavez in the weeks prior to the coup of April 2002. Why did the U.S. kept quiet on this plot to oust him?
MR. ERELI: Well, I'm not aware that we did. In fact, my information is that, based on an Inspector General's report of U.S. policy toward Venezuela dated July 2002, that we alerted President Chavez to coup plots and warned him of an assassination threat that was deemed to be credible.

And then in one of those strange coincidences...
Just when in April 2002, a coup was staged in Venezuela, in support of Hugo Chavez´s government, conveniently Irish filmmakers Kim Bartley and Donnacha Ó Briain where present.
They made it into a real propaganda piece, even insinuating CIA involvement.

Bizarrely they called the documentary “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” (a.k.a Chávez: Inside the Coup) (2003):

The CIA also helped bring Col. Hugo Chavez to power in Venezuela in 1992 through the coup d’ètat.

Hugo Chavez told that it was suspicious that so many Latin American leaders critical of the USA were diagnosed with cancer: Argentina's Cristina Fernandez, Paraguay's Fernando and former Brazilian president Lula da Silva.
What Chavez forgot to mention is that, like himself, all of them visited the Cuba of his “friend” Fidel Castro.

According to Carlos Alberto Montaner, 19 years ago, a young Cuban biologist “David” fled from Cuba after coming from Bulgaria, to ask political asylum in Spain. David told Spanish police and Montaner that in Sofia (Bulgaria) he was trained to use technology to induce cancer in adversaries Fidel Castro wanted dead, “the Bulgarian treatment”.
The simplest way was to plant a radioactive isotope in the chair or jacket of the target. In a few months, cancer might grow with fatal results (helped by treatment by doctors).

According to some Cubans, most (if not all) of the following were murdered on the orders of Castro:
Writer Virgilio Piñera, who allegedly died of a “heart attack”;
American reporter Lisa Howard, who died of an “overdose”;
Writer Luis Rogelio (Wichy) Nogueras, who reportedly died of “AIDS”;
Jorge Más Canosa, Chair of the Cuban American National Foundation, who died in 1997 at age 58 from “lung cancer”;
Rafael del Pino Siero, who allegedly died of a “heart attack” or “hanged himself” in Castro’s jail according to another version of the story;

Raúl Chirino, who reportedly committed “suicide” while being interrogated by Castro;
Beatriz and Laura Allende, daughter and sister of Chile’s Salvador Allende, who allegedly “committed suicide” in Cuba;
Onelio Pino, found dead in his garage under mysterious circumstances;
General José Abrahantes, Castro’s ex-Interior Minister and fellow drug smuggler, who reportedly died of a “heart attack” in a Cuban jail.

Che’s daughter, Hilda Guevara, in 1995 suddenly died of “cancer” at the age of only 39.
Was this because one of her teenaged sons was too critical of Castro and his government:

If Chávez was murdered, he didn´t have cancer, but was poisoned and the Cuban doctors, that gave him radiation, chemotherapy and surgery no less than 4 times, were complicit to murder.

[Image: b0cca85b7469bcbe21b92117d968db6d29656a3d.jpg]
Eva Golinger suspects a bodyguard of Chávez, Leamsy Villafana Salazar (in the red circle), who after Chavez’s death was granted asylum and federal protection in the USA:

After Hugo Chávez in 1999 seized power in Venezuela he nationalized the oil industry, because it would be unfair if oil was running out of Venezuela without benefit for the population. In May 2007, he closed the door on the IMF and World Bank. In 2009, Chávez had to beg for a loan from the IMF, which obligated him to devalue the Venezuelan bolivar (causing inflation).
Chávez died in March 2013 and was probably killed by the CIA with the help of Fidel Castro (that was made dictator of Cuba with the help of the CIA):

If Hugo Chávez was murdered this actually makes it all the more probable that they installed a big oil stooge – Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela, one of the largest oil exporters in the world, for many years has been a country that exports more than it imports for (which should have made this country wealthy). In Venezuela there was/is a shortage of products in the supermarkets and power cuts.
[Image: 547a0d75b9c09b4e3ea51dd94ca2aa16452f8762.jpg]

Since 2013, Nicolás Maduro effectively hampers the industry so that it produces less and less, then sells the imported goods so cheap that these are exported (back) abroad at a profit, so hyperinflation broke out:

Because the underpriced products are exported to other countries, the crisis can spread across South America.

The next master stroke of Maduro: selling oil and gold reserves. If Venezuela exports oil, it should already be about as rich as Saudi Arabia.
[Image: ab2277baf796048ecf0b3b64f4cea3b5e034d2dd.jpg]

Selling the gold (e.g. to Citibank and Goldman Sachs) means that Venezuela becomes poorer and poorer (it aren´t the poor Venezuelans who profit!):