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RE: State of Israel - Steve - 08-06-2018

I Second ship in freedom flotilla hijacked by Israel

... in gross violation of international law .....

Israel seizes Swedish aid ship en route to Gaza -

International experts and aid organizations including the United Nations have repeatedly called the Israeli blockade a collective punishment against Gazans ......

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 08-07-2018

Israel’s policies in Gaza are genocidal -

The 1948 Genocide Convention clearly states that one instance of genocide is “the deliberate infliction of conditions of life calculated to bring about the physical destruction of a people in whole or in part.” No matter whether this happens at a fast rate, or in “slow motion.” That is what has been done to Gaza since the imposition of the blockade by Israel, and the subsequent massacres which led to the death of more than 4000 Palestinians in three successive genocidal wars ......

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 08-10-2018

..... here is a map of the whole of Gaza with a map pointer superimposed for every bomb dropped by Israel to date. Gaza is one of the most densely populated places on Earth. Gazans simply want Palestine returned to them.

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 08-13-2018

'Resist apartheid:' thousands rally against Israel's nationality bill -

Thousands rallied in Tel Aviv, Israel's capital, to reject the controversial Nationality Bill, approved by the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, in July. The march was led by Palestinian Israelis who make up around 20 percent of Israel's population .....

Israel’s IDF sets new annual record -

... for killing children in Palestine
GAZA CITY, PALESTINE — The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have killed at least 35 Palestinian children, around 30 in Gaza and five in the occupied West Bank, making 2018 a record-breaking year for child fatalities in Palestine with nearly four months still to go. The NGO Defense for Children International Palestine (DCIP) determined the total number of casualties in a report published Monday .....

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 08-16-2018

Why solidarity boats to Gaza succeed despite failing to break siege -

... mission accomplished
Whether the boats arrive on the Gaza coast or are hijacked by the Israeli navy, it makes little difference .....

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 08-17-2018

'Israel becoming police state'

... US scholar Reza Aslan threatened by Israeli agents

RE: State of Israel - awakened53 - 08-18-2018

UN chief proposes military force to protect Palestinians under Israeli occupation

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 08-19-2018

Israeli army opens fire on Palestinian protesters -

Some 20,000 people participated in Friday’s protests, which took place a few hundred meters from the Gaza border.
Israeli forces opened fire on a group of Palestinian protesters, killing at least two and injuring over 40, during a demonstration near the eastern Gaza Strip, the Gaza Health Ministry said Friday ....

Israel again tests chemical weapons on Gaza protesters -

The Israeli Occupation is once again testing a strange new and unknown weapon on civilians protesting the illegal siege on Gaza, at the separation barrier fence last Friday .....

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 08-21-2018

'I want Palestine to be free:' Ahed Tamimi to teleSUR


RE: State of Israel - awakened53 - 08-25-2018

Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal, A Double-flash From the Past. Public Silence on Israel’s Nuclear Program