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RE: State of Israel - Steve - 08-26-2018

Head of UN probe into Israel’s killing of Palestinians quits -

... less than month into job

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 08-27-2018

Israeli law would ban public display of Palestinian flag -

... within Israel

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 09-02-2018

Manufacturing dissent -

... leaked footage reveals US Israel lobby astroturfing student event
A fake pro-Israel protest manufactured by US-based lobbying groups has been exposed in an exclusive clip from a censored Al Jazeera documentary on Israel’s influence in the US .....

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 09-02-2018

Netanyahu says IDF will hit Iranian forces in Syria with “all its might”

... speaking in front of Israel’s nukes
“Iran, a country without nuclear weapons, is threatened with atomic annihilation by a warmonger standing next to an actual nuclear weapons factory.” — Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif ....

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 09-05-2018

Orthodox Jews in support of Jeremy Corbyn ....

Michael Crick DID interview the Orthodox Jews supporting Jeremy Corbyn ahead of yesterday's NEC meeting yesterday! 

They say Israel is a racist endeavour. 

After the meeting, Labour's Carwyn Jones says under the IHRA definition adopted by Labour such a statement is antisemitic. 

If the Orthodox Jews in this clip were Labour Party members, they would be expelled from the party for Antisemitism. Just let that sink in for a moment. Do these Jews hate themselves? Clearly not. 

Does anyone else feel like logic has been thrown under a bus in the name of placating some in the media?

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 09-12-2018

16yo boy shot and killed by Israeli soldier -

A teenage Palestinian boy had his hands in the air and was standing far away from the Israeli soldier who shot and killed him...

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 09-25-2018

Israeli gov’t argues it can annex any land

... defy any I international law it chooses
With its government openly admitting Israel’s rogue-state status and its intention to act without regard to international norms or basic human decency, Israel has indicated that it is hell-bent on ethnically cleansing Palestine and eliminating the “demographic threat” once and for all ....

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 10-13-2018

IDF awards Israeli soldiers for deadly crackdown on Gaza protests -

Sometimes described in the media as “clashes,” the protests in Gaza involve heavily-armed Israeli snipers firing into crowds of unarmed young Palestinians. Those killed by IDF fire include journalists, medics and children ....

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 10-14-2018

US wants the entire Middle East to look like Israel -

- Mike Pompeo

Meet ten corporate giants helping Israel massacre Gaza protesters -

“The Israeli military relies on a network of international companies, supplying everything from sniper rifles to tear gas, to carry out its massacres of protesters in Gaza. These companies are knowingly supporting war crimes, and are complicit in state-orchestrated murder.” — Tom Anderson, researcher for Corporate Occupation .....

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 10-22-2018

Abby Martin interview critical of Israel is blocked by YouTube in 28 countries -