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RE: State of Israel - awakened53 - 06-18-2018

Nothing to see here!!!
Israeli ministers approve unconstitutional bill to ban filming of IDF Forces

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 06-18-2018

Australia tells Netanyahu it is not moving embassy to Jerusalem -

Australia has given Benjamin Netanyahu the finger by explicitly declaring that they are not moving their embassy to Jerusalem. Period. End of discussion.....

Israel to criminalize filming atrocities against Palestinians -

Israel's cabinet ministers have authorized a bill that would criminalize filming of the Israeli soldiers' atrocities against the Palestinians while on duty....

Israeli jets strike 9 targets in Gaza -

... in response to ‘explosive kites & balloons’

RE: State of Israel - awakened53 - 06-19-2018

EU backs effort to prosecute Israeli Officials for Human Rights Violations

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 06-21-2018

EU backs effort to prosecute Israeli military officials

... for human rights violations

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 06-26-2018

Israeli minister warns of new war on Gaza -

Israel’s Justice Minister has warned that the government might launch another war against the Gaza Strip because Palestinians continue to fly “incendiary kites” over Israeli farms, Quds Press reported on Friday. Ayelet Shaked also accused Hamas of inflaming the situation in the besieged territory ....

RE: State of Israel - awakened53 - 06-26-2018

Four Presidents Conspired to Give Israel $100 Billion

RE: State of Israel - awakened53 - 06-27-2018

Saudi Arabia, UAE,, Egypt and Jordan are Backing Trump's Israel - Palestine Plan

RE: State of Israel - awakened53 - 07-03-2018

UN expert says that Israel is formally preparing to Annex the West Bank

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 07-05-2018

'Ethnic cleansing': Israel begins demolition

... of Palestinian bedouin village Khan al-Ahmar
Khan al-Ahmar is east of Jerusalem,

Australia stops direct aid to Palestinian authority

RE: State of Israel - Steve - 07-06-2018

Ireland set to pass bill banning goods from Israeli settlements -

The bill recently received the support of Ireland's second largest party, the conservative Fianna Fail, making its approval more likely.  
A bill banning all goods from illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank is set to be approved by the Irish Parliament on July 11 ....

Israel passes law to freeze millions in Palestine social funds -

The latest approved bill will freeze and transfer funds to the Palestinian Authority, only after the PA stops payments to prisoners and their families. 
A Palestinian spokesperson has denounced as a "declaration of war" steps taken by Israel to pass a law to freeze Palestinian funds allocated to prisoners and families of victims.