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How is Trump doing as president? - rossy96 - 08-28-2019

Hello all,
If anyone has seen my first post on this subreddit two weeks ago, you will know that I am new to the world of politics. While I am trying to educate myself about politics properly by learning theories and catching up on podcasts, I am very interested in current events but lack of political education is preventing me from fully understanding how our current president is doing. I am trying to be as informed as possible for the upcoming presidential election and I would be thrilled to hear everyone's opinions on how Trump is doing, and about who you all think are worthy presidential candidates from any party.
I am excited to hear what everyone has to say, Thank you in advance.

RE: How is Trump doing as president? - MimsD - 03-14-2020

Do you even need reviews? let me guess you are not from USA.