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Favourite films - Steve - 04-06-2018

What is your all time favourite film, or films?

RE: Favourite films - awakened53 - 04-06-2018

Tough to pick one!!

Sleepers... is fantastic
Carlitos Way.... definitely up there
Snatch.... is brilliant
The Green Mile is also up there
Pulp Fiction too

Its very hard as I keep thinking of more

RE: Favourite films - The Apprentice - 09-02-2020

Here is an all new perspective on the life and history of Easter Island, stunning.

RE: Favourite films - ulrichneilson - 09-14-2020

These are my all-time favourite
1. Good will hunting.
2. shawshank redemption.
3. Back to the Future.
4. Forest gump. Note ( Watch in English )
5. God must be crazy.

RE: Favourite films - The Apprentice - 09-14-2020

There are a few oldies and oldish films that we like,      The 39 Steps.       The Whisperers.        The Jigsaw Man.        Rita, Sue and Bob too.          Twin Town.

RE: Favourite films - Uplits1997 - 11-27-2020

Spirit of the Beehive is my favorite movie because It touch my inner hearth

RE: Favourite films - Debs - 02-03-2021

Right now, enjoying some comedy..good medicine. Not quite a movie, but it's an hour & 20mins long. Stand up comedian Jeff Allen