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RE: Yemen - Steve - 06-29-2018

US and Saudis “liberate” Yemen with airstrikes on civilians -

... kill and injure 84

Citizens in Hodeidah took to the streets to condemn these blatant attacks on human rights and the U.S.-Saudi invasion of Yemen ....

RE: Yemen - Steve - 07-02-2018

Saudi Arabia bombs residential neighborhood in Yemen -

... killing entire family
SANA’A, YEMEN — Saudi Arabia’s war against Yemen is being described as a deliberate war against women and children.....

RE: Yemen - Steve - 07-04-2018

Saudi-led coalition trying to block coverage of Yemen genocide -

Saudi-Led Coalition Ministers of Information Meeting Probes Ways to Block Critical Coverage of Yemen War ...

Saudis trash UN report on child casualties in Yemen -

... before its release
Despite overwhelming evidence, Saudi-coalition spokesman Colonel Turki Al Malki slammed the still-unreleased report as “inaccurate” and asserted that the report’s conclusions are based upon “unreliable facts.” ...

RE: Yemen - Steve - 07-08-2018

Saudi airstrike targets wedding ceremony in Yemen killing 11

Amnesty calls for probe of UAE forces -
... torturing detainees at secret prisons in Yemen

Human rights violations by Saudi-coalition mercenaries -

... spark mass mobilization of volunteer fighters to Yemen’s southwest
The Saudi-led coalition, unable to secure control of the strategic port city of Hodeida, has recently flooded the cities and towns surrounding Hodeida with foreign and indigenous mercenaries, hoping to bring the port city to its knees by taking control of the surrounding region.....

Saudi airstrike on residential neighborhood in Sadaa, Yemen -

... kills 9 civilians, injures 5
Over 577 civilians, mostly women and children, have been killed or wounded in the first half of 2018 by U.S. backed Saudi airstrikes and artillery attacks in Saada, Yemen.

US-backed Saudi airstrikes on UNICEF water facility -

... in Yemen compounds cholera risk
The U.S. backed Saudi-led coalition has repeatedly, systematically and deliberately attacked water and sewage treatment infrastructure in Yemen since it began its military campaign against the country in 2015.

RE: Yemen - awakened53 - 07-30-2018

Devastated Yemen faces another possible Cholera Crisis

RE: Yemen - Steve - 08-03-2018

22 million people in Yemen urgently need humanitarian aid -

... UN 
The World Food Program has warned that the war has left eight million Yemenis in dire need of food assistance to survive, Al Jazeera reported......

RE: Yemen - Steve - 08-06-2018

US-backed attack on hospital kills dozens in Yemen -

... media silence

RE: Yemen - Steve - 08-09-2018

US coalition cooperates with Al-Qaeda in Yemen -

... Associated Press confirms
Perhaps we could simply shrug our shoulders and say it’s better late than never for the mainstream media ....

RE: Yemen - Steve - 08-10-2018

Yemen: 29 children killed in Saudi-led strikes on school bus -

..... but you won't hear anything in the mainstream media about Britain, and more importantly, Boris Johnson, easing the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

RE: Yemen - Steve - 08-13-2018

UN Security Council requests credible probe

...  into Saudi airstrikes in Yemen
On Thursday a Saudi-led airstrike hit a school bus in a busy market, killing 29 children ......

The cold hearted, inadequate US response -