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RE: Vaccine Damage - Steve - 07-14-2018

Written evidence on vaccination from John Stone on data -
... Parliament UK

Below is a published "written evidence" from AofA's John Stone at

'Vaccines may offer no panacea to the problem of antimicrobial resistance, will interact with it in unpredictable ways, and likely make it worse. Politicians need to be wary of being railroaded by industry objectives which are a matter of commercial exploitation and not the public good.'

RE: Vaccine Damage - awakened53 - 07-14-2018

U.S. Health & Human Services NEVER Performed Vaccine Safety Testing As Required By Law And Congress

RE: Vaccine Damage - Steve - 07-14-2018

(07-14-2018, 04:54 PM)awakened53 Wrote: U.S. Health & Human Services NEVER Performed Vaccine Safety Testing As Required By Law And Congress

Aluminum and mercury in vaccines linked to neurological disorders and autism -

Peer-reviewed studies that found a causal link between aluminium in childhood vaccines and severe neurological disorders including autism:

RE: Vaccine Damage - Steve - 07-18-2018

Is Australia’s vaccine policy a nightmare or a “pogrom”?

The term ‘pogrom’ has multiple meanings, ascribed most often to the deliberate persecution of an ethnic or religious group either approved or condoned by the local authorities. (Source)

Are the Murdochs dictating vaccination policy in Australia -

... in the best interests of GlaxoSmithKline .....

RE: Vaccine Damage - Steve - 07-19-2018

Too many too soon -

... we were right as Irish scientists find birth vaccination danger signals

Study reveals popular vaccine 'may kill more children from other causes than It saves' -

In Brief
  • The Facts:
    Multiple studies have shown and emphasized that the DTP vaccine may actually kill more children than it protects from DTP. This is one of the latest to show it, known as the Mogensen study.
  • Reflect On:
    Reflect on the fact that this information is never really brought up within the mainstream medical community. All it takes is one CDC study to "debunk" several studies that show opposite results. What's really going on here? Is our health a priority?

RE: Vaccine Damage - awakened53 - 07-21-2018

Samoa Seizes All MMR Vaccines After Two Toddlers Die

RE: Vaccine Damage - awakened53 - 07-23-2018

Chinese premier calls for severe punishment amid growing anger over vaccine scandal

RE: Vaccine Damage - Steve - 07-25-2018

China’s serious and breaking vaccine scandal: are your vaccines made in China?

Please consider this a “public service announcement,” if you will, because the mainstream, lamestream media probably will not report on the growing Chinese vaccine scandal and huge protests against vaccines made and administered in China .....

The global vaccine crisis of 2018

... why Andrew Wakefield is back in the news

New Jersey’s eye-opening autism facts everyone really must know -

There are facts and, then, there are factoids, which are a brief or trivial item of news or information; an assumption or speculation that is reported and repeated so often that it becomes accepted as fact [online Dictionary], which can apply, in my opinion, to the pseudoscience published by the HHS, CDC, FDA and the mainstream, lamestream media regarding vaccines and vaccinations ....

RE: Vaccine Damage - Steve - 07-27-2018

Federal vaccine safety reports go unreported -

... read all about it

Why the federal government broke vaccine law for 30 years -

In my previous article on this subject, I established that, as a result of Robert F Kennedy, Jr.’s and Del Bigtree’s work, we now know the federal government broke vaccine law for 30 years ....

RE: Vaccine Damage - Steve - 07-27-2018

The Australian Vaccination-skeptics Sacrificial Virgins screening and Q & A - August 6 -