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RE: Vaccine Damage - Steve - 08-07-2018

NY Times vaccine science "hostage" op-ed is a gift -

- JB Handley
Please bookmark and read JB's blog each day - here's an excerpt .....

RE: Vaccine Damage - Steve - 08-11-2018

British Medical Journal fails on “first do no harm”

... over HPV vaccines
"If the contents of either of the papers became widely known it would surely have sounded the global death knell for the products and also called twelve years of government policy into question. When balancing the welfare of British children against the interests of industry and state it seems in the end the children barely weighed."

RE: Vaccine Damage - Steve - 08-13-2018

15 year old French girl’s “descent into hell” after Gardasil vaccine – wheelchair bound and paralyzed -

Story submitted by her parents

RE: Vaccine Damage - awakened53 - 08-13-2018

Vaccine Corruption exposed to Washington State Board of Health

RE: Vaccine Damage - Steve - 08-15-2018

Gardasil Will Be Greatest Medical Fraud of all Time (Article from 15/4/2014)

Dr Bernard Dalbergue, a former pharmaceutical industry physician with Gardasil® manufacturer Merck & Co., was interviewed in the April 2014 issue of the French magazine Principes de Sante? ("Health Principles").

RE: Vaccine Damage - Steve - 08-17-2018

How scientists use statistical deception -

... to fake influenza vaccine effectiveness
Note: As we approach the dreaded "FLU SEASON" which is now like the season of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in my house, 10 months a year, we are pleased to share this article from VacTruth.

By Tom Stavola

RE: Vaccine Damage - awakened53 - 08-17-2018

HPV Vaccine .. All Risk, No Benefit

RE: Vaccine Damage - awakened53 - 08-20-2018

HPV jab doesn't protect against some of the most common strains of the virus, study finds

Vaccines... Causing Psychological Disorders and Anorexia in Children

RE: Vaccine Damage - Steve - 08-20-2018

China adds to firings in vaccine scandal -

BEIJING -- The Chinese government said Saturday that it has fired six more officials in connection with a scandal over faulty vaccines that has undermined President Xi Jinping and fueled parent-led protests ....

RE: Vaccine Damage - Steve - 08-21-2018

CIA Whistleblower on Vaccination Dangers, Climate Engineering and 9/11 -