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RE: The Vatican - awakened53 - 07-24-2018

Catholic Hierarchy against Social Justice in Nicaragua

RE: The Vatican - awakened53 - 08-15-2018

Vatican covered up sex abuse by 300 ‘predator priests,’ 1000s of victims possible – Penn. grand jury

RE: The Vatican - awakened53 - 08-20-2018

How the Catholic Church Keeps Surviving Abuse Scandals

RE: The Vatican - awakened53 - 08-20-2018

Pope on sexual abuse: 'We showed no care for the little ones'

RE: The Vatican - Steve - 08-28-2018

Vatican official accuses Pope Francis of covering up sexual abuse -

... calls for resignation in “historic bombshell”
In an extraordinary 11-page written testament, one which the NYT’s Ross Douthat called a “truly historic bombshell”, a former papal nunco, or Vatican ambassador, to the US, it does what many have called for, and offers testimony concerning “who in the hierarchy knew what, and when,” about the crimes of Cardinal McCarrick. The testimony implicates a host of high-ranking churchmen. And the pope ....

RE: The Vatican - awakened53 - 09-10-2018

Catholic Church Found to Have Spent Over $2 Million Lobbying To Block Child Sex Laws

RE: The Vatican - Steve - 09-14-2018

Catholic priests in Germany 'abused thousands of children' -

A leaked report in Germany has revealed that more than 3600 children were sexually assaulted over the past 70 years.Germany's Catholic Church said Wednesday it was "dismayed and ashamed" by decades of child sex abuse by priests after a report was leaked showing that thousands of minors were assaulted...