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RE: Health and Fitness - Steve - 07-14-2018

Nearly one third of early deaths could be prevented by giving up meat, says Harvard -

In Brief

The Facts:
More and more evidence is emerging that highlights the tremendous benefits of adopting a plant-based diet. This lifestyle can have a drastic impact on our environment, animal welfare and our health.

Reflect On:
What small changes could you make in your diet today to protect yourself from easily preventable diseases? Why is it that we are so addicted to meat to begin with? Have you considered at least cutting down meat intake?

RE: Health and Fitness - awakened53 - 07-17-2018

CRISPR DNA-editing may result in serious genetic damage – study

RE: Health and Fitness - Steve - 07-18-2018

Too much texting creates as much neck stress as carrying 4 adult-size bowling balls on the cervical spine -

Texting for long periods of time can lead to neck stress. It’s like carrying four adult-size bowling balls on the cervical spine, according to a study published in Surgical Technology International. It was reported that the act of tilting the head forward when texting makes the head seem heavier than its actual weight, which in turn, can lead to problems on the neck .....

RE: Health and Fitness - Steve - 07-22-2018

20 tips for 20 years -

Story at-a-glance
  • After starting a website to share the latest natural health developments in 1997, has been sharing information online for 20 years
  • We’ve partnered with key organizations to help educate the public on important health issues and even push for initiatives that will better public health and the environment while helping you Take Control of Your Health, naturally
  • My goal 20 years ago was to provide you with the most up-to-date natural health information and resources available; helping you maintain, enhance and/or rebuild your health is still what motivates me today ....

RE: Health and Fitness - Steve - 07-24-2018

Is beer a good detox beverage to remove aluminum?

RE: Health and Fitness - Steve - 07-24-2018

The hidden insidious effects of trapped negative emotions -

The subject of Trapped Emotions is one that many are unaware of, especially if they’re not familiar with energy and the energy body.  A more common term for Trapped Emotions is “emotional baggage.”  Although most people probably think that emotional baggage is just memories of emotionally traumatic life experiences, it is much more than that and has a slew of detrimental effects that most are unaware of .....

RE: Health and Fitness - Steve - 07-26-2018

New research confirms memory loss in teens from cell phone radiation -

2017 NIH Research Said 5 Minutes on Cell Phones Causes Significant Memory Loss .....

RE: Health and Fitness - Steve - 07-28-2018

Every finger is connected to two organs: Japanese methods of curing in five minutes -

It's well documented that Japanese people have an extremely effective way of healing sickness and injuries. What we are about to show you  will help you treat and cure many different ailments, very simply using their techniques. The best thing about this healing technique is that it only takes 5 MINUTES!

RE: Health and Fitness - Steve - 08-02-2018

How to start your pain-free digital detox -

Are you always checking your phone out of habit instead of necessity? If your answer is “yes,” it may be time for a digital detox......

Just two weeks' inactivity can trigger diabetic symptoms in vulnerable patients -

Just two weeks without much activity can have a dramatic impact on health from which it is difficult to recover, according to researchers who studied overweight older adults at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.
Not only did an abrupt, brief period of inactivity hasten the onset of the disease and elevate blood sugar levels among pre-diabetic patients, but researchers reported that some study participants did not fully recover when they returned to normal activity for two weeks.

RE: Health and Fitness - Steve - 08-04-2018

High blood pressure linked to increased risk of dementia -

Blood pressure is the force needed to push blood through your arteries coming from your heart to deliver oxygen-rich blood to your body. When your blood pressure is measured, you get a high value (systolic) and a low value (diastolic). The high number is the highest pressure that occurs in your blood vessels while your heart is contracting. The low value is pressure in your arteries between heartbeats when your heart is relaxed .....