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Child Trafficking - Steve - 06-09-2018

As Snopes ‘debunks’ child trafficking camp ...

... 160 kids as young as 3 rescued in Georgia
After Snopes called allegations of child trafficking made by a veterans group a ‘conspiracy theory’, 160 children, as young as 3-years-old, were rescued from traffickers in Georgia.....

RE: Child Trafficking - awakened53 - 06-12-2018

Chilling NCME Report shows that 88% of Missing Sex Trafficked Kids come from US Foster Care

RE: Child Trafficking - awakened53 - 06-20-2018

Where are the Girls?? 

Child Trafficking feared as DHS cannot say where Immigrant Girls are being held

RE: Child Trafficking - Steve - 07-07-2019

Rampant child porn sharing discovered on Pentagon computers – hundreds of employees implicated ...

RE: Child Trafficking - Steve - 04-27-2020

Kincora 'VIP paedophile ring' victim Richard Kerr speaks out -

A Kincora abuse victim from Northern Ireland tells Channel 4 News how he was also abused at London's Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square at the hands of "very powerful people". The Home Office had said the Heart Inquiry in Northern Ireland could liaise with the UK wide inquiry.

RE: Child Trafficking - Steve - 05-06-2021

God’s Children Are Not For Sale, Human Trafficking with Claire, Danielle, Madyson and Charlie Ward -

RE: Child Trafficking - awakened53 - 06-09-2021

‘We have not committed that big a crime,’ Rochdale child trafficker tells deportation hearing. Shocking

Two men who were part of the notorious Rochdale grooming gang are fighting against a decision to deport them from the UK.
Adil Khan, 51 and Qari Abdul Rauf, 52, have been told they are to be sent back to Pakistan for the public good after both were part of a gang convicted of a catalogue of serious sex offences against young girls. Khan told an immigration tribunal hearing on Tuesday: “We have not committed that big a crime.”
Both are appealing against the deportation order served on them last July, with Khan citing his human rights as reason not to be kicked out of the UK. He also claims to have renounced his Pakistani citizenship which would make him “stateless” and would be a bar to deportation.
Khan got a girl, 13, pregnant but denied he was the father then met another girl, 15, and trafficked her to others using violence when she complained. He was sentenced to eight years in 2012 and released on licence four years later.

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RE: Child Trafficking - awakened53 - 01-05-2022

Human Trafficking Has Many Faces – By Cathy O’Brien

PerpeTraitors always have more than one reason for any single action taken, and human trafficking is a prime example of how they operate.
Sexually abusing a child prior to age 5 creates a dissociative disorder basis of mind control; mind control is being used to usher in their New World Order slave society; sex trafficking children is the most lucrative business in the world and funds the NWO agenda; children are trafficked for blackmail purposes to compromise judges and promote pedophilia; pedophilia perpetuates sexual abuse of children. Sexually abusing a child prior to age 5 also results in heightened sexuality and gender confusion which fuels the sex industry and perpetuates human trafficking.
No wonder human trafficking is prolific and sanctioned by complicit politically affluent perpeTraitors!
Since I was a “Presidential model” CIA MK Ultra mind control slave, I was forced into White House/Pentagon black ops to fulfill sexual perversions, compromise drug lords and politicians, deliver messages to and from government leaders, and transport drugs- often simultaneously.  I was programmed to trigger for anything, anytime, anywhere by anyone who held the keys. Keys to my programming were usually supplied by my owner in MK Ultra mind control Robert C. Byrd.
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RE: Child Trafficking - Steve - 02-28-2022

Ukraine busts ‘human trafficking ring’ that sold BABIES to Chinese ‘single men of certain orientation’

Ukrainian police have raided a private reproductive clinic that has been allegedly “selling babies” to China. While the suspects are accused of “human trafficking,” surrogate motherhood is a legal gray area in Ukraine.

The scandalous case was brought to light by the country’s interior ministry late on Saturday. The police broke up a “human-trafficking” ring that was centered at a private reproductive clinic in Kiev...