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MONEY OUT OF NOTHING - Steve - 02-02-2018

The current 'money out of nothing' system -

When you apply to a bank for a ‘loan’ what happens? First they demand that you secure the ‘loan’ by signing over to them intrinsic wealth - house, land and such like. Then they type into your account the figure they have agreed to ‘give’ you in return for it all being paid back, plus interest. What have they really ‘loaned’ you? Fresh air. Worthless fiat currency works in league with fractional reserve lending which allows banks to lend nine or ten times (far, far more in truth) what they have on deposit, and so every time you put a pound or dollar in a bank you are giving it the legal right to ‘lend’ nine or ten times that it doesn’t have in the form of non-existent ‘credit’. 

Fiat money ‘credit’ is ‘money’ that does not and will never exist except in theory. The £100,000 you may have ‘borrowed’ to buy a house is only six digits and a £ sign that someone has added to your account, and this is only stage one in the money-go-round. You transfer this ‘money’ (credit) to the owner of the house you are buying and he or she accepts it only because they believe it is worth what they are told it is. They, in turn, transfer it to the owner of their next house and the same thing happens. 

Fractional reserve lending goes even further into the realms of insanity. Say you borrow credit to buy a car and hand this over to the owner who puts it in his bank. The original loan was created out of nothing by the first bank, but now the second bank can lend nine or ten times its alleged worth again to other people under fractional reserve lending and the same with any subsequent banks where money from the original fresh-air loan of credit ends up. 

Consider the extraordinary amount of theoretical money or credit that the banking system can generate (and ‘lend’ again) from a single loan. The elite corrupt banking system has hijacked the global economy and human society by swapping non-existent credit for wealth of intrinsic value in the form of land, property and resources. 

There are ways that a theoretical currency can be used as a symbolic means of exchange to overcome the limitations of barter, but that can’t happen while there is the addition of interest. Once interest is charged the very unit of financial exchange is ‘created’ from the start as a debt. Interest on fresh air credit changes the game completely. You can also rob people of their real wealth by increasing interest to the point where they can no longer pay you back and by crashing the financial system which has the same effect. 

Once they can’t repay your non-existent credit and interest you move in to take the loot and they are often on the street. It seems inexplicable that governments should pass laws that allow private banks, owned by the same cabal, to dominate the creation of ‘money’ and be able to ‘lend’ many times what they actually have on deposit. Why do governments borrow money at interest from private banks, which the taxpayer has to repay, when they could issue their own currency interest free? 

These are all legitimate points and questions, but they have a single answer: Governments are controlled by the same elites that own and control the banks. By dictating how much ‘money’ is in circulation (by how much they decide to loan) the banks are dictating how much economic activity is possible. 

Recessions and depressions don’t happen because people decide they don’t want to work, have a home or feed their families. They happen when there is not enough money in circulation or of sufficient perceived value to generate the income required to pay for those things. Who controls that? The banks. Who owns them? The elite bloodlines. This following sequence is known by economists, most of them clueless about money-creation, as ‘the economic cycle’ when it is nothing more than pure manipulation:

Stage 1: You put lots of money in circulation by making lots of loans at low but variable interest rates. In doing so, you stimulate lots of economic activity –a boom. 

Stage 2: People and businesses tend to get into more debt during boom times with confidence in their income leading to new plant, machinery, property and other investments to meet expanding demand or reflecting an improved economic status. 

Stage 3: At the optimum time to trawl the wealth of the people you start taking money out of circulation by either raising interest rates and calling in loans or crashing the system as in 2008 to cause what they called the ‘credit crunch’. 

Stage 4: You grab the loot in property, land, resources and business from those who can no longer afford to pay you back the ‘money’ which under any sane criteria you didn’t actually give them.

RE: MONEY OUT OF NOTHING - Germaine - 02-02-2018

it leaves you pretty speechless when you realise what a scam it all is. Where do we go from here?

RE: MONEY OUT OF NOTHING - Steve - 02-07-2018

(02-02-2018, 08:22 PM)Germaine Wrote: it leaves you pretty speechless when you realise what a scam it all is.  Where do we go from here?

Yes, it’s hard to believe that we’ve been totally duped / defrauded over such a long time. The current world financial system needs to change before it’s too late. 

However, there is always hope. The following website has some really good ideas -

RE: MONEY OUT OF NOTHING - Steve - 05-10-2018

Follow the money: how the monetary system is rigged to enslave humanity -

RE: MONEY OUT OF NOTHING - awakened53 - 05-31-2018

The Occult Meaning of Mortgage and why it is a pledge to the dead

RE: MONEY OUT OF NOTHING - The Apprentice - 06-01-2018

(02-02-2018, 08:22 PM)Germaine Wrote: it leaves you pretty speechless when you realise what a scam it all is.  Where do we go from here?

Share our skills and energy together and stop propping up the only system that steals 85 percent of our physical energy.

Something like this

Having done this for 25 plus years I can tell you it works fine.

RE: MONEY OUT OF NOTHING - awakened53 - 06-19-2018

Deep Truth Conference... All roads lead to the City of London

RE: MONEY OUT OF NOTHING - The Apprentice - 06-20-2018

(06-19-2018, 03:39 PM)awakened53 Wrote: Deep Truth Conference... All roads lead to the City of London

Good lecture and how it is being done still today, but not many good ideas of how to make true changes and a route to a better system where each person gains by what they can do for each other.

We have an awful long road to travel before we become equal to true nature, where the best are preserved and the weak left to die in peace.

RE: MONEY OUT OF NOTHING - awakened53 - 06-20-2018

Don't ever buy a home by Grant Cardone

RE: MONEY OUT OF NOTHING - Steve - 09-02-2018

The Banking System is a Criminal Scandal -