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The British 'No Fly' List - BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE

450 dangerous VIPs on No-Fly List

Potentially unsafe to engage with the public

None guilty until/unless lawfully proven so


1.    David Aaronovitch
2.    Lord Waheed Alli
3.   Emma Barnett
4.   Brian Basham (worked for Robert Maxwell & Maxwell's sons Kevin & Ian, & now represents R Maxwell's daughter Ghislaine via PR firm Acuity Reputation together with business partner Ross Gow; Basher had info about alleged obscene photos of Michael Portillo 'in explicit situations with underage boy' & tried to sell them to Mohammed Fayed)
5.    Sally Bercow
6.    Ted Beston
7.    Lord Melvyn Bragg
8.    Sir Samuel Brittan
9.    Michael Russell Brown
10.  Georgina Capel, agent
11.  Sarah Caplin
12.  Nick Cohen (apologist for Leon Brittan, Harvey Proctor & Ted Heath; Islamophobic warhawk)
13.  Nicholas Coleridge (in G Maxwell's Black Book. NC's goddaughter is Cara Delevingne, one of whose sisters, Chloe, is a Stowe School alum. The Delevingne sisters' mother [with whom NC presumably is friends] is close friend of Fergie. NC is a top executive at Condé Nast which publishes Tatler, edited by G Maxwell's friend Geordie Greig from 1999-09)
14.  Jilly Cooper
15.  Paul Dacre
16.  Iain Dale
17.  Nicholas 'Nick' Davies (frmr close associate of the late Mossad asset Robert Maxwell; ND & RM were allegedly involved with Mossad & Israeli arms deals)
18.  Wilfred De’Ath
19.  George Entwistle
20.  Charlotte Fairbairn, aka Charlotte Pople
21.  Lord Daniel Finkelstein
22.  Daniel Foggo
23.  Jonathan Freedland (BICOM; Board of Deputies"One of UK's most effective propagandists for Israel")
24.  Emma Freud (sister of Matthew Freud & daughter of Clement Freud: Uri Geller is a family friend; Emma sits on a board with Cllr Robert Davis - Dolphin Sq.; Emma has appeared on TV with: David Steel - Dolphin Square, SavileEdwina CurrieEsther RantzenPaul BoatengAlan FreemanDave Lee Travis, William WhitelawMax Hastings & R. Maxwell)
25.  Matthew Freud
26.  Ross Neil Sutherland Gow (represents G Maxwell via his PR firm Acuity Reputation together with his business partner Brian Basham; at Eton with Boris Johnson & David Cameron)
27.  Lord Michael Grade (friend of G Maxwell)
28.  Geordie Greig
29.  Sir Max Hastings
30.  Angela Holdsworth
31.  Dr Richard Hoskins, aka Dr Rachel Hoskins
32.  Tony Hutt
33.  Richard Reid Ingrams
34.  Sir Simon Jenkins (was on board of British Rail with Sir Peter Parker & Savile; after Savile's death, SJ decried Savile 'witch hunt'. SJ was at Leon Brittan's memorial service. SJ worked for The Economist linked to Virginia Bottomley, Evelyn & Lynn Rothschild & others. SJ was on board of Somerset House Trust 2003-11 [other non-exec dir's have included Virginia Bottomley's stepmother Dame Julia Cleverdon 2001-03; Lady Alison, wife of Blair's friend & frmr mentor Derry Irvine (2003-09); & Sir Tim Sainsbury 1997-02]. SJ was parent at Arnold House School linked to a paedophile ring, Lord David & Susie Sainsbury & others)
35.  Penny Junor
36.  Oliver Kamm
37.  Martin Kettle (one of "Blair's greatest sycophants in UK media": MK & TB are personal friends; MK sits alongside a 3rd Blairite, Harriet Harman, as a director of Trinity Laban Conservatoire - both MK & HH worked at NCCL, albeit not at same time, when it was affiliated with Paedophile Information Exchange [MK from 1973 onwards, & HH from 1978-82]; Fabian Society Labour party conf. speaker)
38.  Anita Land, agent
39.  Dominic Lawson
40.  Angela Levin, Daily Mail, The Sun, etc
41.  Adam Mars-Jones
42.  Clarence Mitchell
43.  Piers Morgan (friends with G Maxwell & Dorothy Purdew of Champney's [Savile] - PM also lied about having met Savile; challenged Cliff Richard reporting; PM is frmr business partner of Matthew Freud; NSPCC supporter; subjects of Piers Morgan's Life Stories have included array of abusers, alleged abusers & alleged cover-up merchants, inc Rolf Harris, Rantzen, Jimmy Tarbuck, Richard Branson, Frank Bruno, Nigel Havers, Boy George, Michael Barrymore, Bear Grylls, Barry Gibb & Bill Roache; PM also covered Jill Dando murder)
44.  Clare Mountbatten, Marchioness of Milford Haven (also known as Clare Milford-Haven) (CM is in Black Book of G Maxwell with her current husband, George; CM is Co-Founder & Life Pres. of Fergie's Children in Crisis; CM's son, James, took own life)
45.  Elisabeth Murdoch
46.  Matthew Parris
47.  James Pilkington [JP linked to grooming of paedophile Derek Laud when DL was a boy; JP is a film director who works for Mustard Films, whose father was the late Sir Alastair Pilkington of Pilkington Glass; the Pilkington family is linked to alleged Parliamentary paedophile Robert Banks; the late Geoffrey Pilkington groomed child-trafficking victim Peter Maloney
48.  James Purnell (frmr Islington councillor; frmr researcher to Blair & worked on secondment for Thomas Pendry; frmr chair Lab Friends of Israel; friend of Mandelson; child abuse images found on his computer)
49.  David Rose
50.  Jon Roseman, agent
51.  Nick Ross
52.  Roland Rudd, brother of Amber Rudd
53.  Simon Sebag Montefiore (G Maxwell's Black Book; linked to Rothschilds; Zionist propagandist)
54.  Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer
55.  Jane Standley
56.  Louis Theroux
57.  Ceri Thomas
58.  Rebecca Wallersteiner (daughter of R. Maxwell's business partner & sister of Anthony Wallersteiner)
59.  Vicky Ward (UK-US dual citizen)
60.  Rosie Waterhouse
61.  Patrick Wintour
62.  Nicholas Witchell
63.  Stephen Wright
64.  Alan Yentob
65.  Toby Young

66.  Mohamed Fayed
67.  Lee Amaitis (UK-US dual citizen) (Cantor Fitzgerald/BGC Partners)
68.  William Astor, 4th Viscount Astor (Chair of Silvergate Media ['Silver gate' is from Aleister Crowley's poem Ambergris]; Astor is in Maxwell's Black Book - so too is Willie van Straubenzee, the late Princess Di's close friend, who rents cottage on Astor's Ginge Manor estate)
69.  Lord Anthony Bamford
70.  Lady Carole Bamford
71.  Alice Bamford
72.  Guy Blackburn-Hamilton
73.  Sir Richard Branson
74.  Vanessa Branson (sister of Richard, married to Howell James; VB & HJ are UK citizens who run El Fenn hotel, Marrakesh)
75.  Lord John Browne
76.  Ariadne Grace Calvo-Platero/Beaumont (UK-US dual citizen) (G Maxwell's best friend from Oxford days, AGP was on Board of GM's TerraMar. Her father was Rev Timothy Beaumont [once Pres of Liberal Party & Chair of Albany Trust linked to PIE & formerly in Bullingdon Club]. AGP is married to Mario Calvo-Platero. MCP is member of Council on Foreign Relations linked to Epstein, as well as Int'l Institute for Strategic Studies linked to Dr John Chipman, the husband of Lady Theresa Manners [TM is in GM's Black Book])
77.  Alan Eric Campbell
78.  Samantha Cameron
79.  Carole Caplin
80.  John Caudwell (Caudwell Children's Charity which has paid its chief executive £230K pa; NSPCC; star of show 'The Angel' on which Sarah Caplin was consultant exec. producer; friends with Fergie)
81.  Sir Trevor Chinn (exec c'ttee BICOM; frmr pres. Norwood [Evelyn de Rothschild]; exec c'ttee Jewish Leadership Council [his friend Gerald Ronson, Lord Janner]; Lab Friends of Israel; TC reportedly donated total of £500K to Blair's private office)
82.  Lucy Clive
83.  David James Coulter Cunningham (Alpine Soft Drinks UK Ltd)
84.  Reinaldo Avila da Silva (Lord Mandelson's partner: they have a home on Rothschilds' estate)
85.  (Peter) Jonathan Denby
86.  Philip Martin Edmonds
87.  Johan Eliasch
88.  Carl Douglas Gissing
89.  Sir Philip Green
90.  Adam Greenbury (Group Chief Risk Officer Rothschild & Co; AG is son of Lady Gabrielle Greenbury: GG is a frmr trustee of JS Stoke Mandeville Charitable Trust & closely linked to Savile: GG was also a non-exec director of Sabrewatch)
91.  Jonathan Bryan Guinness, 3rd Baron Moyne (RAINS list)
92.  Edward Guinness 4th Earl Iveagh (was on founding board of New City Initiative co-founded by DEREK LAUD. The earl is married to G Maxwell's "frmr child procurer' Lady Clare Iveagh)
93.  Hon. Robert Wiliam Hanson (in G Maxwell's Black Book; worked for NM Rothschild & Sons; close friends with Fergie & Prince Andrew)
94.  Nicholas Hoogstraaten
95.  Howell James (married to Richard Branson's sister, Vanessa; HJ & VB are UK citizens who run El Fenn hotel Marrakesh)
96.  Tim Jeffries
97.  Nicole Junkermann (associate of Epstein & Ehud Barak)
98.  Lord Stanley Kalms (Friends of Israel Educational Foundation [with Janner et al]; Tory Friends of Israel; Henry Jackson Soc.; NM Rothschild)
99.  Haroon Kasir
100.Ian Livingstone, property developer (married to Natalie Livingstone. His brother is Richard Livingstone)
101.Richard Livingstone, property developer (his brother: Ian Livingstone)
102.Timothy Lloyd George
103.Luke Lucas (frmr trustee of JS Stoke M'ville Charitable Trust; friend of Savile's; Sabrewatch; criminal; dinner guest of Blair)
104.Christine Maxwell (UK-US-French trinational)
105.Isabel Maxwell (UK-US-French trinational)
106.Ian Maxwell (UK-French binational; Ian co-founded, with brother Kevin, Combating Jihadist Terrorism of which Ian is also a director; in relationship with Cecilia French, Dir. of Public Protection at Home Office)
107.Kevin Maxwell (co-founded with brother Ian 'Combating Jihadist Terrorism' think tank; Kevin was previously represented by lawyer Leah Saffian linked to fake photos of his sister, Ghislaine)
108.Ghislaine Maxwell
109.Rosa Monckton (Lawson)
110.Asil Nadir
111.Owen Oyston
112.Theodoros Paphitis (TP is supporter of NorwoodChildren in Crisis [Fergie]. TP lives in Weybridge as did alleged paedophile Cliff Richard until 2006, as well as late paedophile Max Clifford. TP was represented by MC & was a guest at MC's wedding. Another Weybridge resident is Chris Tarrant)
113.Brian William Phipps (Alpine Soft Drinks UK Ltd)
114.John Robert Porter
115.Patrick Puddles
116.Dorothy Purdew
117.Stephen Purdew
118.Gail Ronson
119.Gerald Ronson
120.Nathanial Rothschild
121.Lord Nathaniel Charles 'Jacob' Rothschild
122.Lady Serena Rothschild
123.Sir Evelyn de Rothschild
124.Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild
125.Farah Sassoon
126.Warwick Spinks, aka Willem van Wijk
127.Viscount John Thurso
128.Russell Howard Tricker
129.Adam Werrity

130.John Allen
131.Lady Janet Boateng
132.Sir Rodney Brooke
133. Michael John Carroll
134.Joseph Nefyn Dodd
135.June Dodd
136.Christian Dray (convicted paedophile who helped set up Missing Persons Helpine; CD is frmr PA to Paul Gambaccini; CD often appeared on Crimewatch [Nick Ross])
137.Terry Earland, Dept Social Services, Richmond
138.Mark Grainger (Gary Cooke)
139.Baroness Valerie Howarth
140.Abraham Jacob
141.John Jillings
142.(Andrew) Neil Keir
143.Alan Langshaw
144.Donald Naismith
145.Stephen Roderick Norris
146.Peter Sutcliffe
147.Ted Knight
148.Eric Witchell


149.Jonathan Aitken
150.Robert John Alston, UK diplomat (ret'd)
151.Jeffrey Archer
152.Lord Robert Armstrong
153.David Ashby
154.Dr David James Avery
155.Sir Philip Bailhache
156.Sir William Bailhache
157.Robert George Banks
158.Colin Barrow
159.Lord Alan Beith
160.John Bercow
161.Tony Blair
162.Lord David Blunkett
163.Lord Paul Boateng
164.Sir Peter Bottomley MP
165.Lady Virginia Bottomley
166.Gyles Brandreth
167.Lady Diana Brittan
168.Lord Peter Brooke
169.Gordon Brown
170.Cllr Joe Caluori
171.David Cameron
172.Alastair Campbell
173.Lord Alex Carlile
174.Dr John Chipman, Int'l Institute for Strategic Studies (wife = Lady Teresa Manners)
175.Lady Teresa Manners (Chipman) (married to Dr John Chipman; in G Maxwell's Black Book; filmed music video in Hell-fire Caves linked to Stowe School, satanism & sexual abuse; sister of current Duke of Rutland, friend & ex-employer of Harvey Proctor)
176.Kenneth Clarke QC
177.Lord Patrick Thomas Cormack
178.Brendan Cox
179.Edwina Currie
180.Cllr Robert Davis
181.Sir Richard Dearlove
182.Pamela Dow
183.Daniel Dragusin
184.Ian Campbell Dunn
185.Benjamin William 'Ben' Elliot (appointed Co-Chair of Tories by Boris Johnson; BE is in Maxwell's Black Book; BE is trustee of Eranda Rothschild Fdn. alongside Evelyn & Lynn Forester de Rothschild who are closely linked to Epstein; BE is a non-exec director of YouGov; BE's aunt is Camilla Parker-Bowles [who has been on holiday with Derek Laud & whose husband was friends with Savile])
186.Liam Fox MP
187.Tristan Garel-Jones
188.Sir Edward Garnier QC
189.Lord Zac Goldsmith MP
190.Matthew Steven Gould
191.Harry Greenway
192.Lady Ffion Hague
193.Lord William Hague
194.Robert Halfon MP (political dir. 2005-08 Tory Friends of Israel; Friends of Israel Initiative; Henry Jackson Soc.; employed Maria Strizzolo [Shai Masot affair])
195.Christine Hamilton
196.Neil Hamilton AM
197.Mike Hancock
198.David Heathcoat-Amory
199.John Hemming
200.Dame Margaret Hodge MP
201.Michael Howard
202.Sir Gerald Howarth MP
203.Lord David Hunt
204.Lord Douglas Richard Hurd PC (father of Nick Hurd; frmr Private Sec to Ted Heath; DH as Foreign Sec. was responsible for MI6 [for which he also may have worked]; DH's daughter-in-law died in odd circumstances in Epstein's NYC; DH founded sinister charity Crime Concern)
205.Nicholas Richard 'Nick' Hurd MP (in G Maxwell's Black Book; NH voted against amendment to Official Secrets Act that would've given witness protection to victims of high-profile child abuse; NH's brother, Thomas, has worked with UN Security Council & is thought to have been involved in negotiations over Iraq & Afghanistan [MI6?]; Thomas' wife mysteriously took own life in Epstein's NYC)
206.Marion Janner
207.Boris Johnson MP
208.Tony Kerpel
209.Lord Norman Lamont (dated Rebecca Wallersteiner, daughter of R. Maxwell's business partner; worked for NM Rothschild & Sons; his PPS's included William Hague, Jocelyn Cadbury & [reportedly] Peter Wanless; frmr chair Le Cercle; Bilderberger)
210.Derek Laud
211.Lord Nigel Lawson
212.Philip Lyon
213.Sir Edward Leigh MP
214.Dr Julian Lewis MP
215.John DA Levy (Savile, Friends of Israel Educational Fdn.)
216.Lord Michael Levy
217.Lord Lexden, Alistair Cooke
218.Lord Peter Lilley
219.William Lloyd George, 3rd Viscount Tenby
220.Sir John Major
221.Lord Peter Mandelson
222.David Manners, 11th Duke of Rutland
223.Sir David Manning
224.Lady 'Eliza' Manningham-Buller (ex head MI5; was close friends with Peter Morrison)
225.Dr John Marek
226.Sandy Marks, frmr Cllr Islington
227.Peter Martindale
228.Shai Masot, Israeli agent; may still be in UK
229.Michael Mates
230.Lord Francis Maude
231.Theresa May MP
232.Brian McGinnis, frmr senior civil servant in charge of mental health at DHSS
233.David Mencer (frmr adviser to Gerald Ronson of Community Security Trust; electoral agent & press sec. for outspoken Janner protector, Gwyneth Dunwoody; frmr director of Lab. Friends of Israel)
234.Lord Jonathan Neil 'Jon' Mendelsohn
235.Dr Alan Lawrence Mendoza (Friends of Israel InitiativeHenry Jackson SocJewish Leadership Council)
236.Alan Milburn
237.Louis Minster
238.Robert John Moreland
239.Sara Morrison (closest female friend of Ted Heath)
240.Lord Paul Myners
241.David John Nicholson
242.Mark Oaten
243.George Osborne
244.Priti Patel MP
245.Lord Chris Patten
246.Tim Pendry
247.Lord Thomas Pendry
248.John Remfrey Pinniger
249.Dame Shirley Porter
250.Carolyn Eadie Portillo
251.Michael Portillo
252.Harvey Proctor
253.Dame Esther Rantzen
254.Mark Regev, Amb of Israel to UK
255.Geoffrey Robinson
256.Patrick Rock de Bescombes
257.Sir Malcolm Rifkind QC
258.Lord George Robertson
259.Lord David Sainsbury (Lab Friends of Israel; close friend of Blair & helped bankroll New Labour; Sir Tim Sainsbury's cousin)
260.Lady Susan Carol 'Susie' Sainsbury (wife of Lord David; gave large sum to satanist Derry Mainwaring-Knight [blackmailed?]; wrote foreword to a book by Chris Lambrianou, jailed for murder as part of the Krays' gang)
261.Lord John Sainsbury (Stowe School; Bilderberg; Butrint Foundation with his friend Lord Jacob Rothschild; daughter Sarah is married to Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss's son [Robert Butler-Sloss]; Tim Sainsbury's brother & Lord David Sainsbury's cousin)
262.Sir Tim Sainsbury (frmr president Tory Friends of Israel; daughter Camilla is married to Shaun Woodward; business partner of David Bowie; Lord John's Sainsbury's brother & Lord David Sainsbury's cousin)
263.Camilla Davan Sainsbury (Woodward) (daughter of Sir Tim & Lady Susan; has been married to Shaun Woodward)
264.Derek Sawyer
265.Alex Segal
266.Stephan Shakespeare (YouGovworked for Jeffrey Archerassociate of Matthew Freud & Iain Dale & John Whittingdale MP; Exec Board of Tory Friends of Israel)
267.Lady Gillian Shephard
268.Lord Stephen Sherbourne
269.Douglas Slade
270.Andrew Smith (lobbyist; was deputy to Ian Greer)
271.Sir Nicholas Soames
272.Lord David Steel
273.Lady Judy Steel
274.Jack Straw
275.Peter Tatchell
276.Sir Mark Thatcher
277.George William Tremlett
278.Stephen Twigg MP
279.Chuka Umunna
280.Keith Vaz
281.Lord William Waldegrave
282.Sir Rodney Walker, frmr NSPCC
283.(David) Russell Walters
284.Peter Wanless
285.John Whittingdale MP (reputed alias: John Napier, PIE member)
286.John Woodcock, 'special envoy for countering far-right violent extremism' (frmr Chair, Lab Friends of Israel; frmr Chair, Progress - linked to Lord Mandelson, Alan Milburn & Stephen Twigg; JW is linked to BAE Systems)
287.Shaun Woodward
288.(Peter) Miles Young
289.Nadhim Zahawi MP


290.Alexandra Aitken (Uttrang Kaur Khalsa) (friend of G Maxwell; close friend & half-sister of Petrina Khashoggi linked to Nat Rothschild; daughter of Jonathan Aitken, frmr chair of Le Cercle [Stephen Milligan was JA's PPS; JA was close friend of Peter Morrison])
291.Michael Barrymore
292.Floella Benjamin (hosted children's charity event with G Maxwell; attended Rantzen's husband's funeral; was colleagues with Lord Steel; FB often wears 'paedophile pendant' as identified by FBI)
293.Lionel Blair
294.Benjamin Boateng
295.Frank Bruno
296.Naomi Campbell
297.Simon Chandler
298.George Clooney (accused of sex act with G Maxwell; friends with Ben Emmerson QC - his wife praised Emmerson's work for UK Child Abuse Inquiry having previously worked with him; lives in Sonning nr Uri Geller)
299.Jess Conrad
300.Simon Cowell
301.Richard Curtis (longtime partner of Emma Freud & was close to Clement Freud; friends with Stephen Fry & collaborates w/ Bob Geldof; RC's father worked for Unilever)
302.Chris Denning
303.Stephen Fry
304.Paul Gambaccini
305.Bob Geldof
306.Uri Geller
307.Gary Glitter (Paul Gadd)
308.Alfred Leslie Goddard (father of Adam Ant)
309.Daphne Guinness
310.Bear Grylls
311.Stuart Hall
312.Jerry Hall (presumed dual-UK/US citizen)
313.Rolf Harris
314.Nigel Havers
315.Lady Clare Iveagh, 4th Countess Iveagh (Clare Guinness), née Clare Hazel (procured UK girls for G Maxwell)
316.Georgiana Bronfman Havers (née Rita Webb) (wife of Nigel Havers, frmr wife of Edgar Bronfman Sr)
317.Paul Hewson (Bono) (friends with Matthew Freud & attended Clement Freud's funeral; collaborates with Geldof, Richard Curtis, Richard Branson)
318.David Hockney
319.Sir Mick Jagger (in G Maxwell's Black Book & photographed with GM, Savile, & Uri Geller; MJ has occult interests. His lovers have included David Bowie & Jerry Hall who later married Rupert Murdoch. MJ attended LSE)
320.Sir Elton John
321.Steve Jolley
322.Matthew Kelly
323.Jonathan King (Kenneth George King)
324.Joanna Lumley
325.Annette 'Nettie' Mason
326.Nick Mason
327.Graham Ovenden
328.DJ Tony Prince
329.Sir Cliff Richard
330.William 'Bill' Roache
331.Peter Anthony Rodger
332.Emma 'Emmy' Tayler (probable UK-US dual citizen; alleged procurer for, & PA to, G Maxwell)
333.Ray Teret
334.Dave Lee Travis
335.Ian Watkins


336.Lord Richard Dannatt (patron: Street Child; RD's son Tom is Street Child's CEO & founder - Tom's wife Lucinda is a Street Child director; patron: Hope for Heroes linked to Lee Rigby; patron: Hope & Homes for Children alongside Elton John's husband)
337.Lt Cmdr Charles Arthur Howeson
338.Brig Andrew Parker Bowles


339.Richard Alston
340.Alan Beck (Sister Latex)
341.Michael Densham
342.Prof Anthony Finkelstein
343.Prof Anthony Glees
344.Prof Nicholas Hammond
345.Tom Lawson (previously Dep Head at Christ's Hospital School; the son of Lord Nigel Lawson: TL's siblings include Nigella, & Dominic, who's married to Rosa Monckton)
346.Charles Napier
347.Tom O’Carroll
348.Peter Morris Oppenheimer (Employee of J Rothschild Investment Management 1982-86. Non-exec director Institute for Jewish Policy Research 1992-2001 with Janner, Nat Rothschild & Edgar Bronfman; Emeritus Gov Oxford Centre for Hebrew & Jewish Studies; Supporter Jewish Music Institute with Evelyn de Rothschild, Lord Brittan & Janner)
349.Dame Alison Fettes Richard
350.Dr Bill Thompson, criminologist & sociologist
351.Roddam Twiss, aka Raymond Gibson
352.Dr Anthony Wallersteiner (head of Stowe School linked to G Maxwell; his father was R. Maxwell's business partner; AW is close to Fergie; Trustee, Children in Crisis [Fergie]; Chair, Street Child [Fergie]; AW's sister, Rebecca, was Lucian Freud's lover)


353.Gideon Benaim (Cliff Richard, Roman Polanski, Naomi Campbell [Epstein associate], Islington CouncilSheldon Adelson)
354.Cherie Blair QC
355.Philip J Boeckman
356.Ian Burton, solicitor (Max Clifford, Cliff Richard, Mohammed Fayed, Nigella LawsonR.Maxwell's financier
357.Dep Chief Con Anthony Butler (ret'd)
358.Lady Elizabeth Butler-Sloss
359.Det Insp Hamish Campbell
360.Michael Caplan QC
361.Sir John Chilcot
362.Amal Clooney (husband George accused of sex act with G Maxwell; lives nr Uri Geller in Sonning; friends with Ben Emmerson & praised his work for UK Child Abuse Inquiry having previously worked with him)
363.Sir Paul Condon
364.Det Supt Peter Dolphin
365.Ben Emmerson QC
366.Lord Charles Falconer QC
367.Lord Justice Adrian Fulford
368.Sir Allan Green QC
369.Malcolm Grumbridge (longtime solicitor & associate to Maxwell family; G Maxwell's Belgravia home was owned by herself "care of MC Grumbridge of Hogarth Group"; one of MG's specialisms is creating shell companies)
370.Sir Richard Henriques
371.Barbara Hewson
372.Lord Brian Hutton QC
373.Lord Derry Irvine QC
374.Daniel Janner QC
375.Margaret Clare Jervis, legal consultant/frmr journalist
376.Paul Kernaghan, Judicial Appointments & Conduct Ombudsman
377.Lady Helena Kennedy QC
378.Alison Levitt QC
379.Dame Julia Macur
380.Clare Montgomery QC (has represented J Epstein-G Maxwell triumvirate of Ehud Barak, Prince Andrew & Kevin Maxwell. Sits on Jersey's Court of Appeal)
381.Sgt Geraint Morgan
382.Lord David Neuberger
383.Martin Paisner, solicitor (trustee Remembering for the Future [Janner, G Maxwell, Christine Maxwell, Elizabeth Maxwell]; Holocaust Educational Trust [Lord Janner]; NSPCC hon. member of the Council; Paisner is also one of the two trustees of Manchester Trust, the blind trust set up by Tony & Cherie Blair to hold their wealth that's also linked to Lord Levy)
384.Lord David Pannick QC
385.Dame Anna Pauffley, High Court judge (ret'd)
386.Colin Peters
387.DC Gary Probert
388.Sir Stephen Richards, frmrly Lord Justice Richards (Barry George Court of Appeal decision, exposure allegations, RAINS list)
389.Sgt Mike Roach
390.PC David Rodgers
391.Steve Rodhouse, Dir Gen Operations, Ntl Crime Agency (frmr Met Police Dep Asst Commissioner)
392.Joshua Rozenberg QC
393.Leah Saffian, barrister (G Maxwell's friend, who allegedly faked photos of GM she supplied to NY Post; previously represented Ian Maxwell in UK courts)
394.Chris Saltrese, solicitor
395.Sir John Scarlett
396.DCI Paul Settle
397.PC Peter Sharman
398.Insp Mick Starkey (ret'd)
399.Mark Stephens
400.Lord John Stevens
401.(Anthony) Colin Tucker
402.Maria Fernandes Vaz
403.Dame Fiona Woolf


404.Roger Howard Benson
405.Paul Burrell RVM
406.Elizabeth II
407.Prince Philip
408.Prince Andrew
410.Prince Edward
411.Christopher Exley
412.Michael Fawcett
413.Nicholas Greaves
414.Benjamin Herman
415.Lucy Rachel Hervey-Bathurst (nee Manners) (she is cousin of Harvey Proctor's benefactor David Rutland 11th Duke of Rutland. She is frmr Extra-Lady-in-Waiting to Fergie. She's in G Maxwell's Black Book)
416.Paul Kidd
417.Dame Mary Anne Morrison
418.Princess Alexandra (Ogilvy)
419.Canon Dr Stephen Palmer
420.Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
421.Camilla Parker-Bowles
422.Prince Charles
423.Michael Trestrail


424.Lord George Carey
425.Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner
426.Fr John McElynn
427.Fr Anthony McSweeney
428.Fr Michael O'Kelly, frmr Dean of Reading
429.Canon Gordon Rideout
430.Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
431.Fr Michael Seed
432.Simon Thomas, frmr Rev, United Reform Church in Hythe


433.Dr Anthony 'Tony' Baker, child & adolescent psychiatrist
434.Prof Robert Bluglass, forensic psychiatrist
435.Prof Oliver Brooke
436.Dr Alan Farthing
437.Alan Franey
438.Dr Morris Fraser
439.Dr Peter Johnson
440.Prof Jean Sybil La Fontaine
441.Dr Paul Knapman
442.Prof Gerry McCann
443.Dr Kate McCann
444.Cicely Meehan, child psychologist (ret'd)
445.Dame Theresa Sackler, Purdue Pharma
446.Dr Michael Salmon
447.Sir Marcus Setchell
448.Lady Helen Trafford
449.Dr Robert Wells, frmr police surgeon
450.Dr Fiona Wilcox
(The People's) UK Government Watch List is collated from evidence presented by journalists, investigators & campaigners working in mainstream & alternative media:


(The People's) Government Watch List is collated from evidence presented by journalists, investigators & campaigners working in mainstream & alternative media (sources below)

Criteria for inclusion:

Person included in The People's Government Watch List (aka Britain's No Fly List)
  •  Has links to crimes which are so serious as to be of national significance
  • Triggers concern among more than one investigator &/or for multiple reasons or based on more than one information source
  • Appears to have credible links to one or more of:
  • serial or organised child sexual abuse
  • serial or organised child or youth exploitation
  • serious or serial violence
  • murder
  • group or ideology espousing or inciting ethnic division or ethnic/cultural/economic supremacist agenda
  • group or ideology espousing eugenics-population reduction
  • malign secret society
  • intelligence, judicial, policing or media engaged in serious or sustained unlawful or other malign activities: corruption, disinfomation campaign, deceit, framing of innocent, propaganda, cover up
  • serious & knowing malpractice or fraud
  • conspiracy to defraud, deceive or injure
  • arms trade
  • drugs trade
  • money laundering
  • profiteeting
  • profiting from prohibited or immoral activities

BBC's Nicholas Witchell - Monarch programming? 

BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell "was the first reporter to relay the news of
  • the 1979 death of Lord Mountbatten
  • the Lockerbie disaster
  • the Zeebrugge ferry disaster
  • and the death of Diana, Princess of Wales."

'What just happened to Nicholas Witchell?' BBC royal correspondent worries viewers with stumbling discussion of Baby Sussex before he hands back to the studio halfway through bizarre piece to camera
Ghislaine Maxwell's public relations/reputation management team of Brian Basham and Ross Gow have been added; also her barrister, Leah Saffian, licenced both in the UK and the US.
Updated with a number of famous names appearing in Ghislaine Maxwell's Mossad 'Black Book'.

The names include Ben Elliot, the new Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party. Elliot was appointed to this important role by Boris Johnson on the same day that Johnson became prime minister.
Former BBC Children's presenter Floella Benjamin has been added.

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