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Marshall Law and Chaos in the USA
Police Cadets reveal their training
The 17 Principles of UN Martial Law as per the Kigali Principles
The 72 hour Red  Flag before New World Order...
2018 Martial Law Exposed

This has already been done in 30 out of 50 States
Other nations trust America at their peril
Fields of human cages discovered in Caruthers California:

In what can only be considered a completely communistic and diabolical plan to enslave the American people, a vast field containing what appears to be human cages outfitted with toilets was discovered in the California town of Caruthers. 
Human holding cells appear to be packed into a desert field in somewhat of an organized fashion.
A number of rows and tiers of cells can be seen along with hundreds of mobile, truck outfitted, human holding tanks.
(02-19-2018, 10:29 PM)awakened53 Wrote: I have been reading this since the Obama days and nothing has happened yet.
I personally don't think there is a cat in hells chance that the evil witch Hilary or her husband will end up being indicted. It is all a soap opera to keep us occupied while all the other crap is going on behind the scenes.
As for Marshall Law, I can see it happening in the near future. If you think about how many times the police put towns on "lock downs" when there are incidents, you could say that they are conditioning the public in readiness.
If good old Donald gets impeached, for example, there would be chaos between the supporters and I think that Marshall law would happen. They are certainly ready for it with all the FEMA camps.
But I think a lot of the q anon stuff is nonsense

I agree, most of what we are given to worry about are smoke and mirrors stuff, or as the mason would say, it is milk and lollypop for the children, and as my Grandfatehr often called "The Forever Young Brigade" all positioning themselves for to climb to play at snakes and ladders.

What we do have access to is hundreds of Nightingale Hall units, currently in sleeper mode and run by the MIC itself or armed forces teams in readiness for such a thing as a mini localized pandemic and or revolution, and there are also plenty of places in the Uk to store thousands if not millions of dead bodies, like Boulby mine in the North East of England if there were too many dead to keep in cold storage, the tunnels here run out under the North Sea for many many miles.

This mine is also owned by an Israeli chemicals outfit, does this remind anyone of who and how they devised the first killing field model and campus, it should. This facility is also reachable by water and has a conveyor sytem from the coast right to the deep water mine itself, does my mind run wild here? Perhaps

What is for sure is, they are slowly preparing for something much larger and currently testing the system and transport mechanisms for and or if something on this scale might happen for real, they are almost prepared I would say.

In a true lockdown the communications system could easily be manipulated, the internet could be taken down at the off of anything big, the major roads closed to all and the excercise would run unabated.

Nothing about the year 2020 has been even close to subtle or normal thus far. To call it divisive would be a gross understatement. Political division is currently at levels only seen during the lead up to our nation's independence and the American Civil War. The country's ideological left incorrectly assumes it has both the popular majority and moral imperative to mold our society completely into their vision. This has led to a stand-alone complex being created. You have multiple factions of this ideology attempting to achieve this through different means and for different reasons. It gives the appearance that its one unified force but it's the opposite. Although the more mainstream and establishment political organizations operate under the faulty logic that they can control the others. These others are the more extreme and direct-action groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa.
Over the past few months, BLM and Antifa have mostly been conducting their operations to varying degrees in the safer stomping grounds of large cities. They are allowed a great deal of freedom to operate because these cities have leadership which thinks it can use these groups to their advantage. Thankfully, the federal government has been able to operate effectively enough to keep them not only occupied but contained. However, Antifa especially has learned how to operate from our foreign enemies like Al-Queda. These highly independent cells are able to coordinate through social media and prove than can challenge established law enforcement. They have also likely learned from the COVID-19 pandemic the power of nature disaster to control the populace.
This now brings us to a question being raised by some about their involvement in the forest fires that have been plaguing the west coast states this year. While some have been linked to specific causes, there are still many with unexplained origins. The most common natural-ignition source is a lightning strike. Yet the weather patterns this year have seen a very limited number of lightning storms to be the cause of so many fires. The other common factor is human interaction. Which brings us back to Antifa. Many have asked the question about whether some of its members are starting these fires and is the government downplaying this or outright trying to cover it up?

We will start with the latter issue and its plausibility. So far, years the democratic super majorities in the governing bodies of state like California thru Washington have allowed for environmental extremists to push through incredibly short-sighted laws pertaining to management of woodland areas. Preventing them from being safely maintained to help reduce both the chances and size of wildfires. One of the most significant examples of these laws are the ones to prevent the deliberate removal of dead and fallen timber in these forests. By not clearing these timbers and other underbrush, the accumulation of it is just building a natural fire pit. These laws started to have a massive affect beginning in 2013 and by 2019 the state of California alone suffered over 1,500 wildfires. Oregon and Washington were somewhat spared because they have not had the issues of drought until more recently. State leaderships have gone on to blame the usual suspects of climate change and electric power companies for the cause of these fires instead of recognizing their failed policies.
These state governments have been suffering sadly from super majorities where the halls of power have become an echo chamber. A chamber completely dominated by big city prejudices and biases. Many have been following the lead of many federal politicians in trying to use these wildfires are some reason to blame President Trump. These past few years have seemed to be nothing more than a sounding board to blame him and his administration to not only hurt him politically but deflect their own incompetence at governing their own jurisdiction.
Now we have Antifa, who over the last several months has been helping to facilitate the number and level of violence of riots across the country. They have been helping stoke the anger within minority communities over several highly publicized incidents with police. Their effectiveness has been aided by the prolonged, extensive lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. When Atlanta was gripped with riots, videos on social media popped up about cars filled with black-clad passengers pulling up to random people of color and offering "assistance." Antifa frequently has agents mixing in with BLM groups to help act as agitators and increase the tensions. Meanwhile, in areas that have become Antifa strongholds like Portland, more direct action is possible. Both police stations and courthouses have been targeted there, with attempts to burn them down. Especially the US District Courthouse and Immigration Courthouse which are only blocks apart in downtown Portland. The use of makeshift incendiary devices has been a common choice for these rioters. Although the effectiveness of the federal law enforcement at preventing success may have caused several of their number to seek out softer targets.
These targets would definitely include the more rural areas of these states which still elect Republicans to the House of Representatives. Oregon has one while Washington has three and California currently has seven, although several previous districts were red until the 2018 election. Removal of people from these districts to allow them to be dissolved or merged into Democrat districts would allow for the furtherance of their extremist policies at the federal level. Since Antifa itself has no control over the economy or other factors that force relocation the liberal use of arson would be their most direct means to achieve this goal. There is an obvious underlying motive as to why Antifa would engage in starting some of these fires.

Several Antifa cells across the nation, like this one, use social media platforms to softly coordinate their activities.

These businesses have been actively allowing this to happen while suppressing Antifa's opposition.

[Image: Antifa-Causing-Wildfires-1-770.jpg]

I n the same area as the previous example a man, Domingo Lopez Jr. was arrested in connection of several brushfires in the ditches and medium of a highway. Lopez gave statements to police about using a Molotov cocktail to help start the fires and material evidence has been found that seems to corroborate his statements.
It is worth noting that all of these previously listed stories are all connected as they from counties adjacent to Portland or easily reached from Portland via Interstate 5. So, it is quite easy for the urban Antifa rioters to depart their usual areas and head into the more rural surroundings.
The only confirmed activist with ties to either Antifa or BLM that we know of publicly is Jeffrey Acord. He was arrested for starting fires in the Highway 167 median near Tacoma Washington. He was present at the scene and even filmed his on arrest on Facebook live. We will likely know more about all of the recently arrested arsonists when their cases go to trial.
It's also been a long standing among the law enforcement community that criminal will mostly operate in areas they are familiar with or close to a base of operation. Since Portland houses many Antifa members, even ones from out of state it adds credence. You also have social media postings like the Scarsdale NY Antifa group claiming to have some representatives in the area deliberately starting the fires. Since they from out of state they would likely operate close to or to places easily accessible from Portland.
As previously stated these group operate independently of each other but can find mutual coordination through the use of social media in order to have some appearance of higher organization. Fox News recently reported that across the three states where these fires have been happening, four people have been charged with arson. Two in Washington state and one each in the other two states. These groups and their members simply feed off the reported acts of the others and it causes a chain reaction.
That concern of spotlighting these activities have led law enforcement to take the position of denying that Antifa is heavily involved with these fires. Most of these statements have come

from the FBI Portland Field Office and not from more senior leadership. It's understandable they might want to downplay this as to not increase the level of panic around these events. That extra level of panic could likely lead to more violence as normal citizens may start taking matters into their own hands and become more violent themselves.

It's not just federal law enforcement agencies actively suppressing the story about Antifa's involvement with these fires. Local agencies have been desperately trying to control the narrative as well. A recent video went viral in which a Multnomah County Deputy Sheriff told the person on camera to leave the area because of Antifa's presence and possible connection to the local fires. That deputy has since been put on administrative leave. Like the FBI, they don't want to deal with the issue of local vigilantism along with everything else.
All of this sounds horrible enough all on its own. Yet now we go back to the leadership at the state level politicians and their overarching involvement. Which they have a two-part role. They first created the physical conditions with their own environmental laws which they refuse to back away from. They then allowed many of these Antifa groups to operate freely within their borders for years. When the protests started over immigration in 2017, these leaders said nothing. That patterned continued to the present as they haven't harshly condemned the violence until it affected the balance of the upcoming election.
All three governors, Newsome, Inslee and Brown have all made recent public statements blaming climate change and the current administration. They are simply unable to take any responsibility for their involvement. That and their all-consuming desire to see President Trump fail in his reelection bid. Showing no concern for the lives of their state's citizens and all the other losses connected with these devastating fires. Even though they can't control Antifa these politicians will do anything to allow them to continue to fracture the nation.
How Much More Can Americans Withstand?

by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM
When I first was introduced into the problems associated with vaccines at the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) meeting in September 2000, I was nearly overwhelmed by the amount of appalling information I was uncovering. I needed help to process all the information and to sort it out. Among my first mentors were Ingri Cassel, founder of Vaccine Liberation and her husband, Don Harkins, the editor of the Idaho Observer monthly newspaper.
After a few phone calls, we became life-long friends. Whenever I called Idaho – to seek advice, to get reassurance that I was on the right path and wasn’t crazy, or to just mull over life’s unexplainable events – Don would most often answer the phone. His chipper, lilting voice would greet me with, “Idaho Observer!” I would smile and retort, “So, what are you observing in Idaho today?”
Never missing a beat, Don would recognize my voice, and with unforgettable charm and his hallmark giggle, he would respond, “Well hello there!” He’d then launch into the “hot story” of the day, sharing what he was writing, researching, or pondering. No matter how busy or how pressed for time, Don always carved out space for me to share his wit, to generate a few laughs, and to tell unforgettable stories. He always made me feel special. At that moment, I was the most important person in the world for which he’d drop everything and give his full attention. More likely than not, he did the same for all his friends.
While his assessments of world events were sometimes disturbing, they were always spot-on. Don’s wisdom ran deep, and the years of banter and debate contributed substantially to my personal growth. I will always cherish the many thought-provoking “Don-isms”, delivered in a way that all of us knew so well as “typically Don.”
On September 19, 2009, the world lost a Giant Placeholder for truth, freedom, and liberty. Don’s work will live on through the hundreds of amazing pieces he crafted with insight and style. This article, “Are Americans Dying for Martial Law?” has long remained one of my favorites. It is a timeless example of Don’s quest to explain the madness in the world around us. This article takes the perspective of Congress writing a letter to the American people. While written in 1998, with minimal grammatical modifications, this piece couldn’t be more spot-on if it were written today in 2020.
Don Harkins was instrumental in shaping and guiding the lives of thousands who had the eyes to see. His tutelage has helped me to this day be a better writer and speaker. A gentleman and a gentleman, I will always remember Don for his laughter and the love he selflessly gave to so many persons, from all walks of life. I am proud to be counted among his friends. Rest in peace, dear friend.
As you read through this article, keep in mind the date it was written: 1998. It’s an easy – and scary – reach to see how everything that Don wrote about is coming to fruition today.

November 1998 Idaho Observer: Are Americans Dying for Martial Law?
Dearest Our Fellow Americans:
Will you please get mad enough already so that we can declare martial law?
What is it going to take to get you mad enough so that we can finally justify ending this silly little game of thrust and parry with your constitutional rights by declaring a state of national emergency and get those pesky rights out of the way once and for all?
We have pushed every button that we can think of and you refuse to get angry enough to engage in acts of social unrest: We have methodically stripped you of your constitutional and civil rights. We have shot, bombed and burned hundreds of innocent men, women, children and dogs and cats. We have fueled both sides of little wars all over the world with profits generated from the sale of drugs to your children which are purposefully being made stupider with every federal dollar that is contributed in the interest of their education. We overrule your jury decisions and declare the initiatives and referendums you vote for unconstitutional. We have unconstitutionally decided that the 62 percent of the country with the most resource wealth are federal lands and are building gates to keep you out of them. We are working to strip you of your right to keep and bear arms as fast as we can. We have created trade agreements with foreign nations which are killing your ability to make a decent living and raise a family. And we are taxing you to death to pay for all the evil things we are doing to you.
What is it going to take to make you get mad enough so we can finally pound the last nail into your constitutional coffin? When are you going to rise up as a once-free people and oppose us? When are you going to provide us with the collective indignation that will give us justification to suspend forever the silly little document which is the only thing that stands between you and the slavery we want to give you to protect you from yourselves?
Let us draw you a map
If you were smart enough to read the publicly available documents which prove that in 1970, Congress approved the funding of research that has given you AIDS (and has subsequently produced its much more efficient cousin Ebola) and that the Department of Defense legally (Title 50, Chapter 32, Section 1524 of the U.S. Code) used 500,000 Gulf War-era soldiers as guinea pigs for a horrible cocktail of experimental substances, would all of you become angry as hell and generate the critical mass of social tension in this country that we feel will be necessary for us to justify a declaration of martial law?
Damn you people.
Why can’t you understand that your government has evolved into an evil monster that is hell-bent on reducing inalienably sovereign citizens to the status of slaves who exist as an expendable pool of human resources? How can you just sit their like sheep while we steal all of your property, ruin your businesses, and spend billions of your dollars, researching ways to kill you more efficiently?
What is the matter with you? We have even gone so far as to humiliate you by allowing untrustable, immoral presidents who has committed numerous felonies to remain in office. What are we going to have to do to you before you get mad enough to attempt to hold us accountable for betraying you? When are you going to give us the excuse we need to justify our historically inevitable intentions: to declare martial law and reduce you to your rightful station in serfdom?
(Nearly) Every member of Congress
Why are Americans dying for martial law?
The federal government has made no secret of its elaborate and despotic plans to deal with a national emergency. The plans are found in executive orders and in U.S. Code and are available in most public libraries.
A grade-school understanding of world history would have us understand that the federal government is likely to create the national emergency and that it intends to implement those elaborate and despotic national emergency plans at precisely the right moment in its incessant mission to transfer our inalienable individual liberties into dictatorial federal control.
The federal government has painstakingly drawn us a three-dimensional, full-color map of how it has betrayed all of us, including its military personnel, by facilitating, if not initiating, the epidemic of cancers and infections in our population with menus and cocktails of man-made chemical and biological substances against which we are virtually defenseless.
Why would it do that? Because it is frustrated in its inability to get a rise out of the American people that is significant enough to justify a declaration of martial law no matter how blatantly it abuses and murders us. The American people are so fat, lazy, stupid and apathetic that even when the federal government draws us a neon-colored map which illustrates an obvious plan to make us agonizingly sick for the several years prior to our eventual deaths, Americans will not demand accountability.
Is there anything that the federal government could have done to make it more obvious that it wished to be caught in the act of killing its own troops and infecting its own population with indefensible contagions? Understanding what is true based upon the federal government’s own documentation, is there anything left, short of indiscriminately rounding up and publicly executing innocent people because of something ridiculous like hair color, that will make the American people angry enough to generate a critical mass of public outrage that would justify the federal government’s declaration of martial law?
Consider the following:
[li]That at a congressional DoD appropriations hearing in 1970, Congress gave the DOD $10 million for five years so that it could develop a contagion that is identical in its description to what we understand today to be AIDS;[/li]
[li]The world’s leading immunological researchers have published works and have stated publicly that they have been engaging in this type of research since the 60s and that Ebola is the fruit of research that has been conducted since certain test populations in New York, San Francisco and Africa were purposefully infected with AIDS;[/li]
[li]The government entities which documented their plans to go to war with Iraq in 1988;[/li]
[li]The government entities which approved the documented sale of chemical and biological materials by American companies to Iraq and Iran from 1983 to as recently as 1993;[/li]
[li]The government entities which knew that chemical and biological weapons were awaiting “coalition” forces in the Gulf;[/li]
[li]The government entities which inoculated their unsuspecting troops with strange, experimental chemicals to supposedly protect them;[/li]
[li]The government entities which knew what mustard gas, sarin gas, anthrax, and a full menu of other deadly toxins do to ravage the human body;[/li]
[li]The government entities which have incessantly denied that American troops were exposed to these contagions which were sold from the laboratories of American companies to support the biological weapons programs in Iraq and Iran prior to the war;[/li]
[li]The government entities which refuse to treat their soldiers, and now the spouses and children of soldiers, for the multitude of contagious, agonizing and eventually fatal symptoms they are enduring;[/li]
[li]The government entities which will prescribe psychotropic drugs like Prozac for those they view as mental patients but will not prescribe antibiotics to sick people because they still maintain that a disease that does not exist cannot be treated.[/li]
Why aren’t we mad yet?
Why won’t the painstakingly documented plot to kill us and ruin our children make us mad?
The federal government, and the little men behind the curtain who actually run it, have continually overestimated the complacency of the American people whose inalienable rights it wants desperately to forever alienate through a declaration of martial law. It is because we refuse to become collectively angered at the capital crimes that we are perversely paying public puppets to perpetrate upon us that is the cause of the deepening cycle of oppression that once-free Americans are suffering.
Once the sleeping American public understands that, contrary to the public position our government has maintained from the beginning, it created AIDS and Ebola [and now COVID – ST] with our tax dollars and that it purposefully exposed our troops to chemical and biological agents during the Gulf War, a declared state of emergency (martial law) will have to be declared in an attempt to restore a semblance of order to this justifiably outraged nation.
Was that the government’s plan for the World Trade Center Bombing? Waco? Ruby Ridge? Oklahoma City? TWA 800? Was that why the government admitted, 30 years too late, that the second Gulf of Tonkin incident which was credited for U.S. ground troops being sent to Viet Nam never actually happened? Was the government trying, unsuccessfully, to make us mad enough so that it could declare martial law and strip us of the few rights that haven’t yet been completely alienated?
It seems quite apparent that the federal government is either so stupid that it cannot help documenting every evil, murderous, treasonous step it takes regardless of its potentially riotous consequences, or that it is purposefully documenting its unthinkably evil machinations with the intention of prodding us into riotousness that could warrant a declared state of national emergency.
By now, including AIDS, Ebola, and Gulf War Illness and incidents like Ruby Ridge and Waco, millions of people have died for martial law. Since we as an apathetic people naively await federal justice to be dispensed from federal government determinations from federal government investigations of federal government transgressions by federal government employees, we can expect a few million more innocent people to die for martial law.
Are the American people so unbelievably apathetic that not even an insidious plan to kill us off and cripple our children with birth defects will compel us to become civilly disobedient enough to demand real investigations into the activities of a federal government which has slowly and methodically dismantled and destroyed our Constitutional Republic?
We will soon find out. But, never fear, if killing us and creating a generation of horribly birth-defective children won’t make us mad, if stealing all of our land and our resources and our businesses and teaching our children to be mindless, amoral idiots won’t make us mad, I hear that the federal government has imminent plans to ban all of our older, pre-1990 model automobiles.
That ought to make people pretty mad.
Don Harkins, The Idaho Observer
Whitney Webb on the Pre-Planned 2020 Election Chaos and the ‘New 9/11’

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