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Mark Devlin DJ, Author, Podcaster

Alternative health practitioner Clive De Carle on, joins the show to discuss ways in which we can fortify and heal ourselves at time of great stress and anxiety such as these. Clive also gives some of his views on the C-word debacle.

podcast notes ...

0:00 intro, how to fortify and balance oneself during the ‘pandemic’

0:01the disease is fear and not about a virus, it’s to do with global a takeover 

0:02 how much poison do we consume from the food that we eat?

0:03 chemicals used in farming - apples shiny coating  to keep in chemicals/pesticides 

0:04 decisions we can all take regarding food and health. Vitamin D £10 / yr. Vitamin D testing

0:05 Vitamin D essential - sunshine, oily fish, animal fats

0:06 Vitamin C role in reversing pneumonia in 3 hours video. Testing kit.

0:07 all modern diseases are caused by a deterioration in nutrition 

0:08 Viruses and the misconceptions about them

0:09 cold / flu symptoms is a detoxification of cells within the body

0:10 viruses are not contagious, the limitations of mainstream doctors 

0:11 arthritis and reversing disease

0:12 the satanic inversion of medicine by the medical cabal, vaccines abuse

0:13 doctors deficient training / brainwashing in regards to nutrition for the body - paltry 4 hours over 5 years 

0:14 teeth - ozone treatment for cavities, same as fingernails, ozone dentists

0:15 the right minerals and vitamins to re grow teeth, calcium misinformation, magnesium the opposite of calcium 

0:16 calcium deposits throughout the body furring up arteries, magnesium dissolves calcium 

0:17 magnesium is the most important mineral in the world - stops strokes an heart attacks

0:18 cancer is reduced with magnesium along with many other illnesses, fibromyalgia cause

0:19 the benefits of hydroxychloraquine + anti- parasitic drugs

0:20 Vitamin C benefits for cancer, dosage requirements 

0:21 intravenous dosages for the critically ill, self regulation of the body

0:22 see YT videos how to guides + Secret Health Club videos

0:23 sadly, bitchute also censors material

0:24 relaunch of the Secret Health Club website

0:25 using a USB as an outside the system strategy, the big charities industry con

0:26 natural cures for cancer, all big charities are misguided 

0:27 nutrition and cancer, GcMAF

0:28 the benefits of GcMAF, cancer industry / death threats 

0:29 the persecution of those behind GcMAF

0:30 the inventor, protocols, a 70% reversal success rate achieved in stage 4 cancers  

0:31 the murder of brave people behind GcMAF , the Gerson method

0:32 fruit and vegetable juice treatments, how it has changed nutrition depletion 

0:33 an alkaline state is required in order to keep the body healthy, positive  / negative  voltages

0:34 charging up cells with electrons, exercise, bare foot grounding, changing the pH of the body, alkaline state, Vitamin C

0:35 doses to boost yourself, asking why you’re ill, we should be well all the time, hygiene 

0:36 how did people from the past live for so long? The virus, the agenda

0:37 keeping mentally positive during these tyrannical times, the detrimental effect of stress on the bodies minerals

0:38 EMF, fear from news, masks, constant stress, sleeping problems 

0:39 the importance again of magnesium to combat these negative and nefarious factors

0:40 magnesium capsules, avoiding magnesium oxide, taking Vitamin C

0:41 Crrow and the trigger finger cure using Vitamin C + magnesium capsules 

0:42 iodine deficiencies and symptoms, seaweed benefits 

0:43 iodine is £20 / year

0:44 sunlight / vitamin D advice, Vitamin K2 - dentist Weston Price, natural diets

0:45 effect on teeth due to poor nutrition 

0:46 Activator X, grass fed animal products, Vitamin K2, arthritis, osteoporosis etc prevention 

0:47 vegans - the risks, lack of grass fed animal products, K2 deficiency

0:48 Vitamin B2 from animal products - rates to energy / cell metabolism 

0:49 books on nutrition, foods. Eskimos, blubber, what our ancestors ate

0:50 organic farms, how to grow effectively at home

0:51 short cuts to get good foods and nutrition, mental health

0:52 controlling mental health with nutrition - the effect of zinc to control bi polar / schizophrenia conditions 

0:53 the solutions clinic, what are the answers, abundance of everything.

0:54 desert reclamation by the Chinese - huge areas reclaimed, better ways of doing things

0:55 focussing our minds on on what we really need, choices

0:56 what do we really want? What will our world really look like?

0:57 planning ahead for a better future, media misinformation about the virus

0:58 people themselves are now being wrongly blamed for the ‘pandemic’ - it’s insane, satanic and a farce

0:59 whistleblowers are increasingly coming forward, common law, local meetings strategies

0:60 local actions are powerful in countering the insidious propaganda and media lies

0:61 we can decide our own futures locally

Charlie Freak of the Freaksense TV YouTube channel returns, during the final hours of the wretched experience that was 2020, to address the all-important questions of: What's Going On, Where Are We At, and What's Likely To Be On The Cards as we head into the first, vital days of 2021?
GVP #176 - Christopher James - Practical Common Law Solutions -
Check out this jocular interpretation of the classic Bohemian Rhapsody,....with lyrics for the times were currently living through,.....
GVP #1(9)84 - Michael O'Bernicia - Case Update

After a long delay caused by the compilation of a huge 1,200-page dossier of evidence and witness statements, The Bernician and his team have finally laid the papers in their Private Criminal Prosecution cases connected to the monumental Fraud that the Covid-19 agenda represents. 

In the firing line now are four specific individuals - Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance and Neil Ferguson - without whose lying complicity, Michael says, the Scamdemic could never have got off the ground. There is much to suggest that the entire worldwide Covid psy-op was engineered from the UK. 

Michael updates us on what is likely to happen next, and what he hopes the ultimate outcome will be.

Papers Laid Alleging Pandemic Fraud against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson ...
PCP set to be listed for Hearing at Bromley Magistrates Court - 


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