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Mark Devlin DJ, Author, Podcaster
Here’s a fascinating podcast about the work of Mark Devlin who has written a couple of books about the dangers in the Music Industry. 

What do you think?
Why the entertainment industry loves to use Illuminati and occult symbolism to sell

“Illuminati want my mind, soul and my body.” ~Prodigy
Mark Devlin ‘No More Heroes’ talk ....
Q&A Video Session, December 2019 -
This is my video aimed squarely at "normies" - regular members of society who have never looked at anything other than mainstream media in the past, but who may be starting to question exactly what's going on in these unprecedented circumstances. 

Getting the numbers, rather than just circulating information among the same limited truther community, is the only thing that's really going to change anything now. The effectiveness of this process will be what defines the future for human freedom. We need massive non-compliance with our own slavery, and for this to occur, people need to be made to realise that the official narrative is laden with lies, deception and bad science, and we’re being taken for fools.

Please share far and wide with anyone you think might be open to watching it - especially friends and family members who don’t usually look at this type of information. All of the information can be backed up, and the video text comes with a list of resources for further research. 

I put my heart and soul into this, and it’s without doubt the most important video I’ve ever created. I did it because it needed to be done, and I was as good a candidate to do it as anyone. Everyone else needs to play a part too.

Mark Devlin
Crrow777 - The Magical Tree Of Enter-Tain-Ment
Mark Devlin (FB)

I continue to get a mountain of correspondence from people saying they know the current situation is a monumental scam and they can see through the bullshit, but they feel hopeless and don’t know what they can do to make a positive contribution.

Well, here’s one method, as outlined on the video I put out last weekend. We need an army of people to go on the social media, YouTube channels and chat forums of all mainstream media platforms, and post an avalanche of truthful, alternative information in the comments sections. As these are the only places that many ‘normies’ go thinking they’re getting truthful news coverage, (insert facepalm), this is the only place they’re ever going to have truth come across their radar, as they wouldn’t consciously go looking for it.

Of course, most seeing anything that contradicts official narratives will go straight into defensive denial mode and reject it. But a few may not, and we’ll never know how many might get triggered into applying some critical thought and common sense if given the right nudge.

(A great example of how powerful this process can be comes from observing any of Bill Gates’ official social media sites, or the comments section under any of his videos on YouTube. He is getting absolutely DESTROYED by comments from people calling him out for the satanic, psychopathic eugenicist that he is, and his moderators can’t delete the torrent of comments quick enough. This has to have caused tens of thousands to get wise to his true nature, and now be suspicious of anything that comes with his name attached.)

Everyone will have their own ideas as to which resources will be the most effective in reaching the minds of the masses, but here’s my suggestion for a great starting point. The author of this piece has brought together a wealth of information challenging ‘official’ narratives into a useful one-stop shop here:

And below are some further suggested resources.

Who will step up to be part of a Truth Army to carpet-bomb these sites with truthful, alternative information?


We truly are now living in the most momentous times in human history, and as the plot thickens every day, it becomes clear that it’s very much a battle between Good and Evil of Biblical proportions, and we have to get our hearts, minds and souls ready.

The cabal is now in its death throes and getting desperate to retain its power against overwhelming odds. The manufactured George Floyd event was an act of absolute panic in the wake of the wheels continuing to fall off of the “coronavirus” scam. New evidence is coming forward by the day to show that both events were put-up jobs, and sooner or later, the public is going to have to be FORCED to accept the truth about them, and those that perpetrated them. It'll be like Roddy Piper and Keith David beating the shit out of each-other in the alley in 'They Live.'

Every regime in the human timeline that has been built upon evil and injustice has, sooner or later, crumbled and died. It’s time for this one to go the same way. But we cannot get complacent and let up the fight. We must all continue to make our contributions towards the outcome that we wish to see - and it CAN happen.

God helps those who help themselves.
What Really Makes You Ill -
As many will know, I’m all for trying any and all methods to try and wake up the masses to the ways in which we’re all being monumentally lied to and manipulated, and the loss of our fundamental Rights and Freedoms that will ensue if the madness of “The New Normal” is allowed to take permanent hold. Any way of breaking the spell of the demonic mainstream media and reaching the hearts and minds of millions is fair game in his regard.

So I wanted to share the following idea, sent in by a friend, which speaks for itself. Please consider taking this on if you’ve been feeling you want to contribute something but haven’t known what to do. I feel this could really have some potential.


WAKE UP CALL: The idea is to simply send a personal message to any person working in the media who might be able to wake up to what is going on and spread awareness of the situation. This might be a celebrity, musician, comedian, performer, presenter, actor, politician, writer, artist, commentator, personality etc. We know these people are, depending on their profile, frequently handled and manipulated by the control agencies nevertheless they may have little overall knowledge of the greater picture or ever confronted their part in the deception. This will be their ‘wake-up’ call.

Wake up invites can be sent to their Facebook or twitter profiles, though some basic diligence should be taken to make sure the person is not just an impersonator.

Keep your message short, polite and to the point. Below is an example of a message I have sent out to profiles on Facebook.

“Hi (name of celebrity).
There are things going on that you really need to know about. Please try to check-out the following news streams not yet banned on Youtube.

Max Igan at thecrowhouse
VernonColeman (
Mark Devlin
Spiro Skouras
Richplanet TV with Richard Hall (


You don’t have to list as many as I have listed here, one would even be enough. I didn’t list David Icke, that isn’t because I don’t value his contribution, personally I think he is brilliant, it’s simply that he has had such bad coverage inclusion of his name would make the wake-up message easy to dismiss. Alternately a well-crafted sentence would get round this prejudice – eg. “You need to hear why the world banned David Icke”.

A personally typed message is going to work better than simply sending a graphic. It’s harder to disregard.

Please DO NOT repeat message any profile as this could be seen as harassment and counterproductive. You should send only ONE message and it will be unlikely you will receive a reply from the person you are contacting. That does not mean it has been unsuccessful, no one is going to wake up instantly.

Obviously if you contact people on twitter you may receive abuse from other people posting. Some of these may even be 77th Brigade trolls. Be polite, responding to abuse always gives those ‘name calling’ an opportunity to dismiss your comment, it is a tactic to shut you down, it is herd instinct and it is deliberate.


“TROLL:  Another f**king conspiracy nutter!
YOU:  Ukcolumn give a good statistical breakdown of the virus figures.”

The trolls are then only giving you an opportunity to reinforce your message.

Hope this idea gets some traction. I know it is weird contacting strangers and targeting those in the public arena may seem like a flaky thing to do. However, understand this is a critical time for the world, your contribution does matter and anything you do WILL hurt the cabal.

Good luck!

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