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Speeches and Statements
What a Speech!  Chris Sky Speaks go the Trucker Freedom Convoy In Ottawa -
Telegram -

Must watch truth bomb from Russian athlete Maryana Naumova. Her response to Arnold Schwarzenegger's propaganda video is absolutely savage.

"I would like to remind you- your family once was deceived by Nazism. And your father came to my homeland with a gun killing and maiming my compatriots...Hitler got what he deserved then, but after so many years his ideological heirs are raising their heads again. I would like to remind you that, you yourself once admired Hitler...but those in Ukraine who admire Hitler's collaborators...are far from repenting.

"Russia's special military operation has no purpose to destroy the Ukrainian people. It is aimed at the neo-nazi 'Skynet' which, over the years, has completely subjugated Ukraine and was just about to turn into an uncontrollable monster."
The Great Big Tax Scam -
Telegram -

“Something good will eventually happen”

Trump stops short of saying “what” will happen

But we already know…

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