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Oxford vaccination BBC 3CR - Called in today!
Obviously used an alias to join the conversation.

Today on morning BBC 3CR they were talking about the Oxford vaccine and how it is an early "christmas present" for us Brits. I felt the presenter was doing a poor job interviewing and asking questions reinforcing the MSN. I have never called into a radio station before, so the nerves were running high. However, I felt compelled today, in order to provide some sort of alternative veiw away from the bludgeoning MSN.

However, I feel the presenter or the guest didnt really anser my concern - i.e unknown longterm side effects.

Here it is. Tell me what you think. Lets speak up!!! its our bodies and our lives!

Link to Audio of the call
Welcome to the forum....
Well done for asking those questions....
Yes, the woman did what was to be expected, and did everything to not answer the question that was asked and the presenter came across as very condescending.
Sadly, this is what our mainstream media has become

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