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Intelligence Agencies
We're all CIA assets! What can be done, a personal story

"Of course the people don't want war. But after all, it's the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger. It works the same way in any country."
Shocking admission by FBI veteran

... shows why the FBI shouldn’t exist
On the 18th of November, 1964, the FBI’s appallingly corrupt boss J. Edgar Hoover denounced Martin Luther King Jr.....
Former MI5 agent shines light on the murder of HRH Princess Diana ...

[color=rgba(17, 17, 17, 0.6)]Annie Machon Ex-MI5 (British similar to the FBI's intelligence division) discovered grave criminal misdeeds by the intelligence services on behalf of criminals in the British government and so decided to leave the service.  They have teamed up and  since gone on to expose the Truth of 9/11 and 7/7 and other crimes in true and faithful service to the country and the greater world by writing books and making speeches.  In this video Annie sheds some light on the murder of Princess Diana and criminal wiretapping practices of the UK and USA against their own citizenry. Together the team has written a book called "Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers: MI5, MI6 and the Shayler Affair" exposing the crimes of our intelligence services on behalf of criminals in our governments and a global cabal of moronic degenerate psychopaths.[/color]
GCHQ’s ‘Cyber Magicians’ Manipulate Online Discourse, Activism & Disrupt Alt-Media....
'CIA created ISIS', says Julian Assange as Wikileaks releases 500k US cables -

WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange today said the CIA was responsible for paving the way for ISIS as the whistle blowing organisation released more than half a million formerly confidential US diplomatic cables dating back to 1979....
The Muslim Brotherhood as assassins...
(03-07-2018, 10:22 PM)Steve Wrote: The CIA was the creation of British Intelligence and particularly its Elite inner circle known as the Special Operations Executive (SOE). 

The CIA replaced the wartime US intelligence organisation, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which was born out of the Payseur empire intelligence operation. The OSS was headed by Bill Donovan, a puppet of the Payseur-Rothschild-Rockefeller circle, and a former classmate of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Donovan’s law tutor at the Brotherhood owned Columbia University was Professor Harland F. Stone, who would later become US Attorney General. Another of Stone’s proteges was J. Edgar Hoover, the 33rd degree Freemason and infamous head of the FBI at the time of the Kennedy assassination. 

In his memoirs, British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, MI6) head in the US since May 1940, the Canadian William Stephenson (a.k.a. Intrepid), exposed William “Wild Bill” Donovan as a British secret agent, recruited during World War I.
William Stephenson’s main goal was to make the US join Britain in fighting in WW II.

William Stephenson, like Donovan, was a decorated World War I hero.
They were friends since WW I. The strapping Donovan and diminutive Stephenson were so close that they were known as “Big Bill” and “Little Bill”.

In 1916, Donovan spent several months in Berlin for the Rockefeller Foundation.
In 1919, Donovan worked for J.P. Morgan in Europe.
In 1929, Donovan moved to New York, where his law firm was perfectly placed to handle the mergers, acquisitions and bankruptcies that resulted from the stock market crash.

In 1939, Donovan met Spain’s Generalissimo Francisco Franco during the Spanish Civil War and MI5 agent Benito Mussolini in Italy. Donovan also journeyed through various nations neighbouring Hitler’s Germany.
In June 1940, President Roosevelt appointed newspaper publisher Frank Knox, a friend of Donovan’s, as Secretary of the Navy.
Donovan arranged for Stephenson to meet Secretary of War Henry Stimson, Secretary of State Cordell Hull and Frank Knox.

On 14 July 1940, Donovan flew to London as Roosevelt’s envoy to meet chief of MI6 Stewart Menzies (a.k.a. “C”). Stephenson had arranged the meeting and advised that Donovan would be shown the British war effort, meet PM Winston Churchill and even eat with King George VI.
In December 1940, Donovan was again in London, where he met Winston Churchill.
On New Year’s 1941, Donovan went on a picnic hosted by Lord Mountbatten (who became a Knight of the Garter in 1946).

Roosevelt wanted to help Britain in WW II, and instructed Donovan to skirt the congressional ban on selling arms to the United Kingdom. From December 1940 to March 1941, Donovan inspected British military and diplomats in the Mediterranean, the Balkans, and the Middle East.
Back in the US, Donovan wrote that Nazi Germany was a major threat to the United States. He also gave a nationwide radio address praising US aid to countries fighting the Germans and Japanese, from England to Greece to China. Donovan claimed that “lend-lease”  could transform these local resistance movements into "expeditionary forces" to block the “enemy threat” to America.

Donovan drafted a blueprint for a secret American intelligence service based on the British MI6. In July 1941, President Fernando Delano Roosevelt appointed Donovan to run the “Coordinator of Information” (predecessor of the OSS).
Stephenson then cabled Menzies:
Quote:Donovan accuses me of having intrigued and driven him into the appointment. You can imagine how relieved I am after months of battle and jockeying for position in Washington that our man is in a position of such importance to our efforts.

In June 1942, Donovan became director of the Office of Strategic Services (the war-time predecessor of the CIA). He continued to work with Stephenson.
Donovan recruited mostly elite men, like:
Paul Mellon, of the banking dynasty;
Henry and Junius of the House of Morgan;
Allen Dulles, a New York lawyer that with his brother Allen had helped to get Hitler into power in Germany, who operated from Bern, Switzerland (whose NY offices were on the floor directly above those of Stephenson´s MI6 office);
Alfred du Pont, who directed the intelligence network in France;
Archibald MacLeish, member of Yale’s Skull and Bones;
People named Auchincloss, Coolidge, and Vanderbilt.

Donovan recruited so many aristocrats that it was said that O.S.S. stood for “Oh So Social”.
Many of his recruits had ties to Britain, like Churchill’s cousin Raymond Guest, who ran clandestine maritime operations.

Cardinal Spellman was another friend of "Wild Bill" Donovan, who was the head of the Knights of Malta in America in the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s. 
“Wild Bill Donovan” was also a Knight of Malta; in July 1944 “Hitler’s Pope” Pius XII awarded him the “Grand Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester”, the most prestigious of papal knighthoods:
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:
The Muslim Brotherhood as auxiliaries of the Pentagon...
The Muslim Brotherhood as members of the National Security Council of the White House ...
Former Newspaper Editor Who Exposed CIA Found Dead -

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