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War Crimes / Atrocities
Telegram Post -

OMG OMG  Journalist and war correspondent  Anne - Laure Bonnell ,  who is in Ukraine shocks the followers

 ‘I am not a party and i do not defend Putin , but the truth is, i am close to civilians ,what i say is that the Ukrainian army is bombing its own people in Dumbas region’
Telegram Post -

The brave French journalist that has evidence of crimes against humanity of the Zelensky Kabal government killing the Donbass people of Ukraine.  

Share this far and wide.  Wake up the mind-controlled.  We need to go on the offensive and counter the propaganda. 

The Kabal is bombarding us with the lies.  We need to bombard our friends, families, co-workers and neighbors with the truth. 

These people need to choose what information to digest and consume. 

I am very concerned for this journalist's life.  She's a big threat to the kabal in exposing their crimes against humanity. I pray for her protection and safety.
Russia investigates alleged footage of Ukrainian troops torturing POWs

Russia has launched a probe after graphic video emerged online, purporting to show the torture of prisoners of war at the hands of Ukrainian servicemen.
“The video circulating online shows captured soldiers being shot in the legs with medical assistance,” the country’s Investigative Committee said in a statement on Sunday.

The head of the body, Alexander Bastrykin, has ordered “investigators to establish all the circumstances of the incident, collect and record evidence and identify all the persons involved in it to subsequently bring them to justice.” While it was not immediately clear where or when the disturbing videos were shot, some reports indicate the incident unfolded at a military compound located in the eastern Ukrainian region of Kharkov, which is used by “nationalist” units, the committee added.

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 Under the Wolfsangel: The uncomfortable truth about radical ideologies in Ukraine

Multiple disturbing clips apparently filmed at the same unknown facility, emerged online over the weekend. The videos are so extremely graphic that RT is unable to share them. 

The footage shows multiple people, apparently Russian prisoners of war, lying on the ground. All of the servicemen appear to be heavily beaten and have leg wounds.

The injured soldiers are interrogated by armed men, many of whom are wearing blue armbands commonly used by Ukrainian units. Some of the wounded personnel apparently died during the interrogation. Footage also shows three other prisoners ordered out of a van and shotin their legs at a point-blank range.

The extreme cruelty displayed in the videos has garnered condemnation, even from pro-Ukrainian figures. The founder of the US-government funded Bellingcat “investigative journalism” outlet Eliot Higgins, for instance, has described it as “very serious incident” and called for a “further investigation” of the disturbing imagery.

Moscow attacked neighboring Ukraine last month, following a seven-year standoff over Kiev’s failure to implement the terms of the Minsk agreements, and Russia’s eventual recognition of the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. The German- and French-brokered protocols had been designed to regularize the status of those regions within the Ukrainian state.
Russia has now demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country that will never join the US-led NATO military alliance. Kiev insists the Russian offensive was completely unprovoked and has denied claims it was planning to retake the two republics by force.

Unverified graphic footage purports to show Ukrainian servicemen shooting Russians at point-blank range …
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Nazi Atrocities at Odessa – 8 Years On

Today, 2 May, marks the eighth anniversary of the diabolical Nazi atrocities at Odessa. For those unfamiliar with how this war began I updated a News Junkie Post article about its aetiology for The Indicter in 2015. At least 46 people were killed and many more unaccounted for when pro-Russian sympathisers were locked in the trade-union building by Right Sector fascists before it was set on fire.

The fascists were chanting “Slava Ukraini”, that is “Glory to Ukraine”, as people burnt to death. The perpetrators walked free. These are the same Nazis fighting for Kiev…
'Every criminal leaves some trace'

 - Russia’s top investigator shares his views on Ukraine conflict

Eight years after the outbreak of the conflict in the Donbass, innocent people continue to die. Russian investigators have been scrutinizing incidents that involve the killing of civilians. Alexander Bastrykin, Chairman of the country’s Investigative Committee, spoke to RT about these efforts and the results so far.
— Mr. Bastrykin, for a long time now, the Russian Investigative Committee and RT have been involved in a joint project aimed at uncovering and detailing the war crimes committed by Ukraine against the people of the Donbass. Could you share some of the latest information with us? How much have the Russian investigators done over the years? 
Over the past eight years, the Investigative Committee has initiated about 800 criminal cases in connection with the events in the Donbas and in Ukraine. The persons involved in these cases are members of Ukraine's military and political leadership, security forces and radical nationalist organizations. In total, 287 persons are subjects of our investigative work. Nearly half of them have been indicted…

Ukrainian strike on Donetsk market was a terrorist act

April 30, 2022,
If the Donetsk marketplace that was hit by rocket artillery on Thursday had been in a city controlled by Kiev, the names and faces of the five civilians killed would be on all major news sites. But because it was another Ukrainian attack on civilians in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), the deaths and 23 additional civilians injured will almost certainly go unreported, as has the been the norm during the regime’s eight years of the Donbass and Western media’s eight years of ignoring the attacks.

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