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Natural Disasters and Man-Made Disasters
Biologist reveals surprising insights into the effects of nuclear accidents on wildlife -

On April 26, 1986, the world was rocked by the Chernobyl disaster, one of the worst nuclear accidents in history. Massive amounts of radioactive materials were launched into the atmosphere from one of the graphite reactor cores, forcing people living nearby to evacuate their homes by the thousands. Now, almost four decades later, the effects of this disaster continue to linger across much of the region. One need not look any further than the wildlife to glimpse upon the impact of nuclear accidents......
Tenth Eruption this year for the "Steamboat" Geyser at Yellowstone

Plus FBI disinfo on mysterious booms
Podcast from June 19, 2018
British author John Hamer with his explosive findings on the sinking of the Titanic… »
Scientists are tapping into eerie 'volcano music' to predict future eruptions - 

We need all the info we can get....
USA: people in these 16 states are woefully unprepared for the next natural disaster -

  • Fires,hurricanes,floods,tornados, and other natural disasters are becoming increasingly common in the US.

  • But only three in ten American families have an emergency preparedness kit, while 42% of Americans say they’re not at all prepared for disaster, a recent poll from Business Insider partner MSN found.

  • In these 16 states, a significant portion of the population are woefully unprepared.....
Environmental nightmares created by open pit mines -
Hawaii gets new island as erupting volcanic crater continues to spew lava into sea
Strange occurrences on beaches around the world
Identified: earthquakes can trigger tremors a world away -

Up to three days later.......
It Swallowed up an Entire town in Peru

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