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Asteroid from another star system found orbiting wrong way near Jupiter -
Asteroid from another star system found orbiting wrong way near Jupiter -
What goes around comes around, and those who know it correctly rule the roost.
There's exciting new evidence a real Planet Nine is out there -

Icy moons in the solar system hide so much liquid water, they make Earth look like a desert planet -
What to see in the night sky in June
Mars is about to shine brighter than any time since 2003 -

Don't miss the spectacle as the red planet swings close to Earth in July.
On July 28, 2018, Earth and Mars will come within 35.8 million miles of each other ....
Here's how to take a photo of a planet millions of miles away -

The world has fallen in love with the spectacular images of Jupiter NASA delivers every few month. But few people know that to obtain these photos is a long, complicated, and even dangerous process ....
How you can see the 'best meteor shower of the year' -
The Perseid meteor shower is said to be the best of the year, often bringing well over 50 shooting stars per hour in the northern sky ...
The stuff that planets are made of -

Possible model of exoplanets with a rocky core and gaseous atmosphere (artist's impression).

Source: University of Zurich

Summary: Researchers have analyzed the composition and structure of faraway exoplanets using statistical tools. Their analysis indicates whether a planet is earth-like, made up of pure rock or a water-world. The larger the planet, the more hydrogen and helium surround it.

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