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Chemical Weapons and Syria
Everything You’ve Heard About Syria Is A Lie - Eva Bartlett on Press TV


The Western Media Is Key to Syria Deceptions

The media are not a watchdog on power but the public relations arm of giant corporations pursuing their narrow interests in the Middle East...


[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8)]I am a Syrian Living in Syria: “It Was Never a Revolution nor a Civil War. The Terrorists Are Sent by Your Government”[/color]


Russian army occupies US military bases -

October 6, 2019 - 12:00 GMT — The Russian army has moved in to take several US military bases abandoned by retreating US forces in North Eastern Syria.

LIVE UPDATES on Syria ....


Chemical attack evidence was manipulated to blame Syrian government, report claims


Truth About Syria.”How Could Corporate Journalists Get Away with Their Lies…”

New sexed-up dossier furore: Explosive leaked email claims that UN watchdog's report into alleged poison gas attack by Assad was doctored - so was it to justify British and American missile strikes on Syria?

New OPCW Leak Further Vindicates Skeptics Of Establishment Syria Narrative...


Surprise! MSM spins OPCW leak as Russian disinfo

So, you might want to sit down for this, but believe it or not the mainstream media is behaving in a way that seems somewhat untruthful.
I know! I know. I’m just as astonished as you are....

Newsweek reporter resigns after accusing outlet of SUPPRESSING story about OPCW leak that undermines Syria ‘gas attack’ narrative -

A reporter for Newsweek says he has quit his job after his editor allegedly refused to publish an article about an internal email that raises serious questions about the OPCW’s findings on an alleged gas attack in Douma, Syria....


Censored interview with Assad in Italy -

On 26 November 2019, President al-Assad granted an interview to Rai News 24 journalist, Monica Maggioni.
It was agreed that the interview would air on 2 December on both Italian Rai News 24 and Syrian national media outlets.
Early on the morning of 2 December, the Italian channel decided to cancel the broadcast with no clear explanation.
However, Syriana Analysis shares the interview in full to the general public, in order for them to judge...


New WikiLeaks Bombshell: 20 Inspectors Dissent from Syria Chemical Attack Narrative. Leaked Documents and Emails of OPCW ...

Late Saturday WikiLeaks released more documents which contradict the US narrative on Assad’s use of chemical weapons, specifically related to the April 7, 2018 Douma incident....

OPCW Douma Docs -

Media Blacks Out Pentagon report exposing US role in ISIS Creation -

In a story reverberating across the world, last week award winning journalist and scholar Dr. Nafeez Ahmed exposed startling information about U.S. complicity in the creation and rise of ISIS, as contained in a recently declassified Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report.

VIDEO of fake chemical attack in Syria already complete, White Helmets co-produced footage – Moscow -

OPCW propaganda investigations continue -

UK Column 12th June 2020 -


09:56 – 
  • Piers Robinson: OPCW propaganda investigations continue

  • MainStream Media continue their attacks on OPCW investigators… 

  • Attacks are designed to try and stop investigations

  • UK Column article: What is the Integrity Initiative…? A short briefing paper

  • Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media

  • How much is propaganda being directed at the public…?

  • How did 50 Syrian civilians really die in the Douma incident…?

  • UKGov propaganda network led by all-powerful British king Mark Sedwill

  • Great danger: Sedwill is completely unaccountable

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