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Trump impeachment stunt, Ukraine, Qatar
Is the 2006 CNN report on Smartmatic blatantly blocked by the internet censors?!?
The report insinuates voter fraud perpetrated by the government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez using the Bush-connected Smartmatic Voting Systems. During his last election, Chavez was losing badly on election night. But votes magically appeared for him in the early morning hours following election night that made him win the election.

Video is only 2:19 minutes:

President Nicolas Maduro claims election victory in Sunday’s election.
The USA refused to recognise the election and the victory will be contested by Yankee puppet Juan Guaido.

The plan works like a charm, since November 2019 inflation has reached 4,000 percent and more than 5 million people have fled Venezuela in recent years:
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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