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Trump impeachment stunt, Ukraine, Qatar
British Attorney David Mills (husband of UK Minister Tessa Jowell) arranged a $200 million deal for BAE Systems selling passenger jets to the Iranian company Mahan Air. Baroness Elizabeth Symons asked around in Washington how to sell even though there were US sanctions against Iran.
On 9 July 2002, Mills explained the deal to Symons that “BAE will sell or lease as the case may be to [name redacted], a company incorporated in the UAE and majority-owned by UAE citizens for which I act. It is a condition precedent of the deal that there will be no US objection”.

Less than a month before the invasion of Iraq, on 28 February 2003, the Carlyle group bought a 34% stake in QinetiQ for a mere £42.3 million.
When QinetiQ stock shares was later put on the stock market, the Carlyle Group got about an eight-fold return, which benefitted amongst others former PM John Major, European Chairman of the Carlyle Group, when Baroness Symons was Minister for Defence Procurement.

On 11 June 2001, 3 months before 9/11, Baroness Symons moved from the Defence Ministry to become Minister of State for the Middle East, in the Foreign Office, and Minister of State for Trade.
Continuing her career as a “private citizen”, Symons became a consultant to the Anglo-American law firm DLA Piper, long-time attorneys for Halliburton.

Vice President Dick Cheney buried the Al-Yamamah deal that would expose the $80-100 billion British/Saudi slush fund that could reveal the psychopaths behind covert intelligence operations, including 9/11:

For more on the Al-Yamamah deal that involved British arms dealer Sir Douglas Leese who was connected to Epstein-Trump associate Steve Hoffenberg:
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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