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From Marx, to the Bolsheviks, Hitler and Castro
Interarms, Cummings, Albert Bryan, Castro, Senator Tower

In 1953, after leaving the CIA, Samuel Cummings reportedly founded Interarms (a.k.a. International Arms Corporation or Interarmco) in Alexandria, Virginia which sold $80-100 million worth of guns and ammunition to dictators, despots, revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries.
Cummings made millions from the apartheid regime in South Africa, the United States, Britain, Austria, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Israel, and other nations in the Middle East and Latin America.

In 1950, Cummings began his career by joining the Central Intelligence Agency. For four years, Cummings was the CIA's most cunning arms dealer. He snapped up $100 million worth of cheap German arms and sold them to Chinese Nationalist forces in Taiwan.

In 1954, the CIA staged a coup in Guatemala and used Cummings to arm the new Government.
Later that decade, Cummings sold arms both to Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista and his successor, Fidel Castro.

The reported world's biggest small-arms dealer, Sam Cummings, died on 29 April 1998 in Monaco:

According to Valmore J. Forgett, in March 1958, deactivated guns (for which government records were destroyed) from Raritan Arsenal, were purchased with CIA funds through a New York City-based CIA (CIA) front, Regent International Limited.

These guns were then shipped to Florida where they were illegally reactivated by the CIA and finally shipped to Fidel Castro’s Communists for the Cuban coup.
Forgett’s associate in the machine gun business was none other than Sam Cummings:

The story gets even better…
In reality Interarms was set up and controlled by the First and Citizens National Bank of Alexandria that was owned by Albert V. Bryan, Jr. and his family since 1864. Bryan coordinated this operation with the Washington Post, CIA, and British Defence Ministry.
Bryan's bank put up the money to buy half a million rifles from the British War Ministry for Argentina.

The first big Interarms CIA project was arming Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro. The Agency for International Development took the arms, rifles, machine guns, and ammunition from Alexandria to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland for shipment to Central and South America, for untraceable delivery to Cuba. After Castro seized power, Interarms armed his government openly, until Castro publicly became an enemy of the US government and Interarms supplied the Cuban exiles for the Bay of Pigs invasion (which of course did nothing to harm Castro’s popularity).

In contrast to the official story, Bryan's Interarms company also armed Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi for the coup in Libya. In 1976-77, when George Bush Sr. was CIA director, CIA employees under Edwin Wilson trained and armed Gaddafi's terrorists and assassins, in North Africa, Europe, and in Virginia.
CIA man Frank Terpil, a top Gaddafi supplier, was arrested in England on his arms dealings with the Interarms company. The CIA claimed that the Gaddafi operation was "unauthorized"; and now Gaddafi was "like Hitler".

From 1979 to 1986, Albert V. Bryan, Jr. had become a judge at the top-secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court operated by the Justice Department, "legalizing" wiretaps and mail intercepts within the United States.
Judge Albert V. Bryan, Jr. also sat on key parts of Frank Terpil's case.

The same Albert V. Bryan, Jr., as Federal Judge, jailed US whistleblower Lyndon LaRouche and 6 associates on trumped up "conspiracy" charges:

Now the story turns into something of a genuine “conspiracy”...
Senator John Tower was in Paris for the infamous 19/20 October 1980 meetings in Paris between George Bush Sr. and representatives of Ayatollah Khomeini.
See the 1988 FBI memo about allegations that Senator Tower had been negotiating with the Khomeini regime in 1980 on supplying Iran with replacement parts for planes.
[Image: iran88.jpg]

John Tower was married to none other than Samuel Cummings’s sister, Lilla Burt Cummings.
Representative Tower helped the Interarms company in their arms deals.

Who do you think President Reagan selected in 1986, for a commission to “investigate” the so-called Iran-Contra affair?!? John Tower...
In 1989, Tower was nominated for Secretary of Defense by President Bush Sr., rejected by the US Senate!

Frank Sturgis bought large numbers of weapons through Interarmco for Fidel Castro. According to Sturgis’ testimony before the Rockefeller Commission, he learned that Interarmco’s “owner”, Sam Cummings, was a CIA agent.
[Image: armco.jpg]

In the spring of 1989, Robert Maxwell and his daughter Ghislaine hosted a party on his yacht in the presence of Donald Trump, former US senator John Tower (involved in Iran-Contra), and ex-navy secretary John Lehman.
See Donald showing his thumb, John Tower to his right and Robert Maxwell on the far right.
[Image: 3a29093300000578-0-wallace-a-97_1478625492404.jpg]
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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