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US-backed coup in Bolivia
In November, December 2019, an Argentine delegation visited Bolivia, including Juan Grabois (CTEP), Roberto Carlés (a lawyer), Pablo Pimentel (APDH), Mauricio Rojas (APDH), Victoria Freire (Observatory of Gender and Public Policies of the City), Daniel Catalano (ATE), Marianela Navarro (FOL) and Sergio Smietniansky (CADEP).

At that time already 31 protesters were killed and hundreds wounded, since Bolivian President Evo Morales was ousted in the US-backed coup on 10 November 2019.
The Argentine delegation were told of disappearances, murders, arbitrary detentions, rapes, torture and hospitals that refuse to care for the wounded caused by the brutal repression.

The Argentine delegation were held and kicked at the airport by a mob. According to Carlés they pushed and hit them, with Daniel Catalano being kicked.
Carlés said:
Quote:From the apparel they wore, we assume they were civilian police forces. Meanwhile, the uniformed police were there witnessing all the harassment and doing nothing.
Then Minister Arturo Murillo came to threaten them: “Be careful, we are watching you”.

Lawyer Luis Arias, who was also part of the Argentine delegation, says that they faced attacks and threats from the “interim” government of Jeanine Añez.
Arias said:
Quote:This government has unleashed a huge racial hatred. They opened Pandora’s Box and a thousand demons came out who are expressing themselves in situations of profound violence.

Public hospitals do not want to treat the wounded and the public defenders do not want to defend the victims. There is a deep racial hatred that is directed especially against the most vulnerable sectors and women.

The stories are frightening. There are reports of disappearances, arbitrary detentions – among which are the case of three young people with Down’s syndrome - , torture of children, murders as a result of repressive actions by police forces, injuries by lead bullets, fires, among other things.

Illegitimate usurper president Jeanine Anez (again) breached article 169 of the Bolivian Constitution.
Firestarter Wrote:According to art. 169:
Quote:In the event of an impediment or definitive absence of the President, he or she shall be replaced by the Vice President and, in the absence of the latter, by the President of the Senate, and in his or her absence by the President of the Chamber of Deputies. In this last case, new elections shall be called within a maximum period of ninety days.

In case of temporary absence, the Vice President shall assume the Presidency for a term not to exceed ninety days.
If I've calculated correctly, that should be 8 February 2020 at the latest, while the elections are planned for 3 May…

Since Jeanine Anez was installed as puppet president it has launched a crackdown on all “hostile” media , closing down TV stations like TeleSUR. Critical journalists have even died under suspicious circumstances.
The Anez administration has also set up new SWAT-like secret police battalions to suppress “subversive voices”.

Bolivia pulled out of several international organizations (Morales was allowed to run based on an international treaty signed by Bolivia), has expelled thousands of foreigners, has recognised Israel and invited the Israeli Defense Forces to train the Bolivian security services and has even recognised the much despised Juan Guaidó as the head of state of Venezuela.
Earlier this month, a USAID team arrived in Bolivia to advise the government on how to stage the upcoming election.

The “interim government” led by Añez administration has started a privatisation program, aimed at selling Bolivia’s natural resources.

The Socialist MAS party (of Morales) announced for its candidates for the May elections Luis Arce Catacora for president and David Choquehuanca for vice-president. MAS leaders met in Argentina due to the repression in Bolivia.
Several MAS leaders couldn’t attend the meeting in Argentina. Walter Ferrufino was arrested when he tried to travel to Argentina for the meeting and Andrónico Rodríguez could not attend after he was accused of crimes by the new Anez administration:
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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