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Marshall Law and Chaos in the USA
(03-11-2018, 10:04 AM)Styleezy Wrote: The Apprentice - I like your analogy. Although I see a slight difference: it seems our hive is built by the Verroa Destructor.

Knowledge = Skills = Control or Freedom.

It would seem that way would'nt it, but when you work with the bees there is a big difference to working with human bees, I will try to explain.

Even though bees are being farmer by humans and have been for thousands of years, they still retain their wildness no matter what you try to do to them and will readily attack you to the death/one sting, if you miss treat them, and will die if you rob too much of their currency/honey, if you do that you must feed them with inferior food like sugar candy to see them through the winter.

With the human varroa, they go unoticed and the humans that do notice are sellected by the professors, who are the elites watchers and then drawn into their way of thinking so as not to be able to enlighten the others, Bertrand Russell and others said the same, that if these higher minds cannot be brought on board they were to be elliminated, but not by himself, but by us/ourselves from withing the hive, this simply cannot occur in a bee colony.

The human Varroa are indeed training the human worker to build a system but its not really theirs to change or close down, and also enslaving them at the same time, in the bee colony the varroa go relatively unnoticed, and is why I am doing the genetic sellction from those who show these clean hive characteristics, so they can do this part on their own without the farmers needing to using chemicals to erradicate the beasts from the East/Asia, same anology with humans being fed inferior food and medicine when the body is capable of sorting most things out for itself, however..

Now here is where things change slightly, but are all related.

I think that the elite are also using the way the alternative media works, and is training the username/avatar in order of finding out where the free thinkers are and logging them all down, in such a way that they think they can escape their octopus arms via the inter-net, when quite the opposite will eventually happen, is happening.

So, how does the human hive survive the system on their own terms without having to reley upon the smart system, which could at any time go down leaving the entire electronic alternative up creek without paddle, by simply turning off the electricity to the servers, or rationing it, this works both ways for crypto currencies as well, no power, no money.

The very best way to elieviate part of the problem is to begin re-training ourselves in real life skills, as I have but also using the latest tech  to help the individual outside of the greater control and bottleneck that the internet is creating, yes there are many different platforms to chose from, but they are all inter-related, and if we check out what the word Inter actually means, it means to bury any nation under its command, IE, the inter-net.

This is happening on a scale never seen before and it is removing the majority who could be alternative thinkers if they had hand skills and problem solving skills with acompany these traits, intead we are all head down, less skilled and talking to our future controllers, facebook CEO's have already told us what is coming of late.

A Three Tier system with inter-related systems.

[Image: 1280px-_Washington_Monument_Deseret_Stone_in_2000.jpg]

If you look at the carving above you see the Masonic control scene with a hive standing above the ground surrounded by a wilderness/desertGoyim, but above that of the hive is Ivy or in this case Bindweed/White Trumpets sounding to those below, which is twisted around an Arch/Royal Arch/Ecliptic, with the Sun at the helm, this is the older Masonic symbolism/parlance in plain sight.

Having read this far you will by now realise who is inside the hive and middle growd feeding off of all those minds within it and not realizing their true potential.

Today it looks to me as a series of internet servers with lots of people below heads down holding and talking to mobile phones for their answer, their hands are basically idle but pre-occupied with the technology who is not really working for them but con-trolling those holding such devices, I hope that also makes sense.

[Image: bee_farmers.jpg]

Also look at the picture above by Pieter Bruegel "the elder" that I call "Men Without Faces", Bruegel was also a high ranking mason, as was the painter Turner, and all part of the team who painted messages for those in power and cognito, this is how their hive minds work in the shadows, there is one in the scene who is higher that the rest without a face to be seen, its all in their esoterics if you know where to look.

I see hives/skeps as pyramids without their top section being manipulated but their handlers arms without faces, there are other pyramids in the scene if you look harder at what it is telling us.

Other hive models are to be seen in the title of Bruegels other paintings like "the Tower of Baybel", the title says, "Many tongues One voices", right there is the same parlance and those in control, this system is immense and very hard to walk away from, and the internet is not going tobe the toll that creates this, the key work is creation and us humans simply have to do this for ourselves using our own re-trained hand to eye coordination, only then will we be truly indepandant and not inter-dependent, there is that word once again.

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