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Marshall Law and Chaos in the USA
If it happens it will be far worse in any area that has a population more than a hundred thousand, and in highly poulated countries there would be no hope whatever time of year it is, twelve days is all that it would take to see over 80% of the peeps gone.

However in the United Sstates you have huge open spaces where you could easily hide out the worst period, here in the UK your never more than fifteen to twenty minutes away from a sizable population by car, and on foot about four to five hours, so best find a place to hide up with at least double that distance and about 20 days of food and water after that and in a full blown outage its going to be over and done with, most will have succumbed to the rush that would follow.


A small group of us here did an extensive trial to see how long you could fair on only 500 calories per day over a twelve day period, this was under cover, out of the elements, dry and warm at the end of summer, the results were not so good, after 5 days our available strength had diminished to below that which would be enough to forage more than a couple of miles from base, double the calories and you have half a chance, add another 500 and your in a much safer position, so you can now work out what you need to take in the way of supplies.

Where we did the experiment was in the English Lake District about 240 feet ASL, for those interested in trying something similar, remember this simple anology, "Heat is Half Meat", meaning if you can keep dry and warm you can survive on half of what you could if you had poor sheltering in winter time.

Hope that helps those worrying about all the scary collapse stories that many stooges are pushing verbatim, feckin stooges most of them making a fortune out of the negative energy they are pushing.

Oh and BTW, a car would be of no use to anyone, leave it at home.

Just saying.

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