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Marshall Law and Chaos in the USA
(02-19-2018, 10:29 PM)awakened53 Wrote: I have been reading this since the Obama days and nothing has happened yet.
I personally don't think there is a cat in hells chance that the evil witch Hilary or her husband will end up being indicted. It is all a soap opera to keep us occupied while all the other crap is going on behind the scenes.
As for Marshall Law, I can see it happening in the near future. If you think about how many times the police put towns on "lock downs" when there are incidents, you could say that they are conditioning the public in readiness.
If good old Donald gets impeached, for example, there would be chaos between the supporters and I think that Marshall law would happen. They are certainly ready for it with all the FEMA camps.
But I think a lot of the q anon stuff is nonsense

I agree, most of what we are given to worry about are smoke and mirrors stuff, or as the mason would say, it is milk and lollypop for the children, and as my Grandfatehr often called "The Forever Young Brigade" all positioning themselves for to climb to play at snakes and ladders.

What we do have access to is hundreds of Nightingale Hall units, currently in sleeper mode and run by the MIC itself or armed forces teams in readiness for such a thing as a mini localized pandemic and or revolution, and there are also plenty of places in the Uk to store thousands if not millions of dead bodies, like Boulby mine in the North East of England if there were too many dead to keep in cold storage, the tunnels here run out under the North Sea for many many miles.

This mine is also owned by an Israeli chemicals outfit, does this remind anyone of who and how they devised the first killing field model and campus, it should. This facility is also reachable by water and has a conveyor sytem from the coast right to the deep water mine itself, does my mind run wild here? Perhaps

What is for sure is, they are slowly preparing for something much larger and currently testing the system and transport mechanisms for and or if something on this scale might happen for real, they are almost prepared I would say.

In a true lockdown the communications system could easily be manipulated, the internet could be taken down at the off of anything big, the major roads closed to all and the excercise would run unabated.

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