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Sun Worship
Saturn / Sun Worship

Saturn worship Roman Emperor Constantine (272-337AD) officially founded today’s Christianity at the Council of Nicaea in 325AD. Constantine had no problem changing religions because he wasn’t really changing anything except the name. 

He worshipped Sol Invictus, the ‘Unconquered Sun’, just as Babylonians worshipped the sun god Nimrod/Tammuz who became Father God/Jesus. Mithra was the ‘Invincible Sun’ or ‘Unconquered Sun’. Here’s the question that unlocks so much: They were sun gods, but which sun? 

Rome’s major deity was not the sun we know today but the Black Sun/ Dark Sun, Saturn. It becomes ever more obvious when you realise that the ancient sun gods were Saturn sun gods. Among them are Atum/ Ra (Egypt); Utu (Sumer); and Shamash/ Ninib (Babylon). Norse god myths had the same meaning. Ancient Greeks called Saturn ‘Helios’ and Romans called it Sol, hence Emperor Constantine’s Sol Invictus. 

Helios is translated as sun in the sense of the one we see shining today, but this is the wrong sun. Helios is Saturn and we have Mithra, the Jesus blueprint, associated with Helios and called Sol Invictus or Unconquered Sun. There were once two suns with Saturn the most dominant in the Earth sky and the focus of worship. Heliopolis or ‘City of the Sun’, in Egypt, was dedicated to Saturn and an original obelisk made for Heliopolis stands to this day outside the Vatican in the centre of St Peter’s Square in Rome. 

Why? The Roman Church (and all forms of Christianity, which came from the Roman Church) is a continuation of the Babylonian and Roman religion, and the worship of Saturn. Emperor Gaius Caligula ordered the Heliopolis obelisk to be moved to Rome in 37AD when Romans were openly worshipping Saturn in the ‘Christmas’ festival of Saturnalia. Rome is still the ‘City of Saturn’ (‘ City of the Sun’) with more obelisks than Egypt and several from Heliopolis. 

Original Egyptian obelisks are also located in London, Paris and New York, and the Washington Monument is the same symbolism. Obelisks are in part symbolic of the penis (bloodline) and translations include ‘Baal’s shaft’ or ‘Baal’s organ of reproduction’. Baal was another name for Nimrod (Saturn/ Father God). 

Obelisks are used profusely by secret societies like the Freemasons although most of their compartmentalised initiates will not know the significance. Christianity’s ‘God’ is the Demiurge/ Saturn, and the Christian Devil, or Satan, is the Demiurge/ Saturn. What a perfect hoax - you worship me and give me your energy and allegiance whichever deity you choose. You worship the God of Light? That’s me. God of Darkness? That’s also me! 

The same story plays out across the major religions. Energy flows where attention goes and worship is an extreme form of attention. This means that a focus on either the Christian God or Christian Devil creates an energetic connection to the frequency of the same deity, the Gnostic Demiurge/ Saturn. They can be combined because Saturn is infested and controlled by the Demiurge influence, as a computer can be overwhelmed and directed from its original purpose and mode of operation to become a full-blown manifestation of a virus. 

‘Saturn god’ really means ‘Archon god’ or Demiurge. There was no virus in the original bad copy and Saturn had to be subsequently infected. Saturn, in short, has been possessed and become a ‘fallen angel’ or Archon. Yahweh/ Jehovah, the Old Testament god of Judaism, is so shockingly bloodthirsty and lusts for violence, power and control because this version of ‘God’ is also a name for the Demiurge/Saturn. 

Gnostics associated the Old Testament god with the Demiurge who created the fake ‘physical’ reality, and the ‘God’ creating the world at the start of Genesis is actually the Gnostic Demiurge creating the Matrix –‘Let there be light’. The Jewish god El (‘ Mighty One’) is their Saturn god and can be seen within the collective name of Elohim (Archons). Elohim appears in the Bible 2,500 times. 

An extreme Christian group based in Oklahoma call their community ‘Elohim City’ with no idea what the name really refers to. Saturn-day or Saturday is sacred to Jews as the Shabbat/ Sabbath and the Christian day of worship is Saturn Sunday. Tetragrammaton is the Hebrew name for God that ‘must never be spoken’, and also appears as YHWH (sometimes YHVH), Yahweh, Jehovah, El/ Elohim, Adonai (‘ My Lord’) and profusely in the Bible as the ‘Lord’. 

Tetragrammaton is the ‘Lord Archon’ or Demiurge/ Saturn. A Greek form of the Tetragrammaton was Iao ‘the highest of all the gods’ and ancient Greek historian Diodorus Siculus said Iao (Demiurge/ Saturn) was the God of Moses. Iao is the god of Autumn (death/ Saturn) in Greek mythology and became associated with the term ‘Diablo’ or Devil. 

Lao and Saturn can be related to the Holy Spirit which enters humans ‘in the form of a white dove’. El, the Hebrew Saturn god, is encoded within the name IsraEL, and some believe that Israel is a combination combination of Isis, the Egyptian goddess, Ra, the (Saturn) sun god of Egypt, and EL, the Hebrew god of Saturn. 

Greek historian Diodorus of Sicily notes an inscription at Nysa in Arabia in which Isis is proclaimed as ‘the eldest daughter of Saturn, most ancient of the gods’. Israel’s symbol is the hexagram or ‘Star of David’/ Seal of Solomon, an ancient symbol for Saturn and the origin of the name ‘Rothschild’. This financial banking dynasty was the driving and manipulating force behind the creation of the modern Israel on a blatant historical lie. 

We see the Saturn god El encoded into ang-EL and archang-ELs called Micha-EL, Gabri-EL, Uri-EL, Rapha-EL and Archon Fallen Ang-ELs. Politicians are El-ected in El-lections and we have a bloodline El-lite. Archon comes from its Greek meaning of ruler and we have arch-angel, arch-bishop and hierarchy. 

Words matter in terms of their frequency and if you encode words with names for the Demiurge influence they carry that frequency. Islam’s most sacred location and symbol is the black Kaaba cube in Mecca. Kaaba means cube and a cube is an ancient symbol for Saturn. Muslims, too, are worshipping the Demiurge/ Saturn although only the inner core will know. 

Religious Jews wear a black cube on their forehead (energetic location of the third eye) called a Tefillin, which contains scrolls of parchment inscribed with verses from their written law or Torah. Jews and Muslims worship the same deity - Demiurge/ Saturn. A major pre-Islamic god in Arabia was called Sin and one of the centres of Sin worship was Mecca. Sin is recorded as a god of the Moon from his symbol of a crescent, and the crescent has major symbolic associations with Saturn. 

Sin morphed into ‘alilah’, or ‘al-llah’, and later ‘Allah’ when the Prophet Mohammed ended the multiple-god system and proclaimed that Allah (Sin) was the only god. Islam has fundamental Hindu influences and origins, and constant cross-references between religions are explainable by the fact that at their core they are manifestations of the same religion. 

Is it mere coincidence that major Archon-Reptilian bloodlines emerged out of Sumer, Babylon and Egypt into Rome, Europe and the wider world, and that Christianity, Islam and Judaism all emerged from the very same locations? Or that Archon-Reptilian ‘seed’ was widely spread into India from where Hinduism comes? Or that what is called New Age in the West is basically an outgrowth of Hinduism? 

Saturday or Saturn’s Day in India is called ‘Shanivar’ after Shani, the Hindu god of Saturn. Lord Shiva, regarded by Hinduism as the Supreme Being and given pride of place at CERN, also has Saturn connections and is described as having the Moon in his hair. Shiva is said to be responsible for maintaining the life cycle (Saturn-Moon Matrix). 

Hindu goddess Kali represents Saturn, and astrologically the Moon in Saturn, and is associated with classic Saturn traits of death, time and the colour black. Singer Madonna has mimicked the protruding tongue of Kali in her many Saturn-themed performances. Hinduism and religions of the East also promote the reincarnation you-must-stay-in the-Matrix-after-death belief system. 

Religions are doing the work of negative forces as creations of that force and sadly, most religious advocates and followers are genuine people being scammed by this deceit. Saturn connections to religious worship are incredible and highly detailed. When you feel the atmosphere of most churches and centres of religious worship, and then observe the demeanour of the British royal family, they can all be described as saturnine –‘melancholy, gloomy, taciturn, and sullen’.

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