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Indigo Skyfall
Just been listening to this very interview with Cody Snodgres and it collates with my own medical training and past biological studdies.

Another title for the blue light spectrum that Cody is talking about is the Azure as the Masons call it, for those interested in this subject also look into what is The Cryptochrome Spectrum and how it helps the bodies constitution produce vital chemicals needed by the life of this wolrld.

Cryptochromes are photoreceptors that regulate entrainment by light of the circadian clock in plants and animals. They also act as integral parts of the central circadian oscillator in animal brains and as receptors controlling photomorphogenesis in response to blue or ultraviolet (UV-A) light in plants.
Cryptochromes are probably the evolutionary descendents of DNA photolyases, which are light-activated DNA-repair enzymes, and are classified into three groups - plant cryptochromes, animal cryptochromes, and CRY-DASH proteins.
Cryptochromes and photolyases have similar three-dimensional structures, characterized by an α/β domain and a helical domain. The structure also includes a chromophore, flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD). The FAD-access cavity of the helical domain is the catalytic site of photolyases, and it is predicted also to be important in the mechanism of cryptochromes.

If the blue light specrum is blocked everything begins to suffer and an overall weakness develops, geoengineering is creating the idea beta blocker of this vital spectrum for life.

Humans are truly wicked when they want to be, and we are currently being attacked from many different avenues, food, water, our local environment, our air, from our plastic bottles, medicines and sexual muses, it is as Cody says, a thick pea soup of biological delay and decay quickening by the day.

Once we see the dots beginning to take shape its not hard to see where the Pentagons missing trillions are being spent.

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