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Drip drip drip ... does this stuff work on anybody anymore?
(04-03-2018, 05:35 PM)awakened53 Wrote:
(04-03-2018, 03:47 PM)The Apprentice Wrote: The BBC rhetoric is nothing compared to the so called alternative media by a long chalk for dissinformation.
Have to disagree with you on that comment.
Granted that there is equally as much disinformation from the alternative media but the BBC is basically a government and corporate propaganda channel that we pay for.
The BBC is by far the largest news outlet in the UK and is meant to be neutral and that  it certainly is not.
Along with the newspapers it is still where the majority of the population gets its news from.
Most alternative media outlets have a fraction of listeners/readers compared to what is meant to be our biggest and best  news outlet.

The BBC is where the people get their news "given to them" and you cannot alter it, the alt media is far larger in content by many leagues but not as well funded, but it could be if it wanted, instead we have half baked ideologies all chasing the funny money and reapeting the same narrative verbatim and doing nothing about it, most people have a goldfish bowl memory and are way too lazy to actually write anything of personal content.

>>>>>>>>>>>>Nothing is being built, nothing is being created, there is no progression.<<<<<<<<<<

People only have the same rhetoric right across the alt platforms, no sooner do you see something in one, the rest tend to follow, there is little original content only a plethora of opinions of what each editor of the leading platforms thinks about it, this then becomes moot about an hour after it has been aired by the first teams to report it, some do so to be ahead of the game, but then fail miserably.

There is an old saying that goes something like this, You cannot make a horse from a hundred raabbits, or a hundred suspiscions don't make a truth uless we all start telling the truth to each other, we are a very long way from that situation, a very long way indeed.

Moaning constantly about how reporters handle the given situation will result in zero.

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