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Fema Camps New Film Collation
Many may have heard of this scenario already but here is the latest collation about the Fema staging and or distribution centres and much conjecture of something big may be coming sooner than later.

I for one can see much propaganda in this film but on the other hand Walmart would not spend a penny to fund these facilities, they are in the game to make money not waste it.
It is clear in part that TPTB are preparing for something big and its costing billions which they are preparing for, as did the Germans in the last great war.

What does anyone think is happening, also take note of the women half way through the film who mentions that these giants of commerce are situated in certain areas and everyone relied upon them for most of their needs, here is a society incapable of fending for itself and amongst the most vulnerable within society.

Is this what is coming.

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