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Reptilian involvement in Human Affairs
(06-10-2018, 09:59 AM)The Apprentice Wrote: Superb information Steve,

What do you think about the pilgrims suddently becoming so wealthy in such a short time after they landed in the new colonies, usA, there is conjecture that the gold and riches of the earlier trips to South America were taken by the Spanish and Portugese military industrial complexes and deposited in key places like Virginia in waiting for the brotherhood to use as ready capital, which was taken there by the Vatican and Templar navy, some 300 years earlier.

The information about the natives being forcably converted to christianity is akin to the same Malthusianism where the tribes of Africa were to be elliminated if they could not be suaded to the Western ways of life.

These bloodlines and policies truly leave their signature in plain sight don't they.
Absolutely, Apprentice. The more people start waking up to become aware of the sheer magnitude of manipulation and deceit that has occurred throughout the centuries, the better the chances are that there can be a real change for the better. Enough is enough!

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