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False Flag events through modern history
The Israeli (Rothschild) enforcement arm Mossad is the world expert at what is called false flag operations – doing the deed and blaming it on others, and they were at the core of what happened on 9/ 11 to give the Rothschild Zionist neocons the excuse to start ticking target countries off their hit list.

They have a huge power over American society and contempt for Americans and American interests. Israel even attacked the USS Liberty in international waters during the Six Day War in June, 1967, which involved Israel, Egypt, and other Arab countries.

Egypt was blamed for the attack on the Liberty in another demonisation exercise, but it later emerged that the ship was hit by Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats. Thirty-four American crewmen were killed, more than 170 wounded and the ship was severely damaged.

Israel incredibly claimed ‘mistaken identity’ when the truth was exposed. Consequences for Israel? None. How could there be when the same Elite networks control America, Canada, Britain, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand and so on? ....

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