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The Deep State
(08-19-2018, 12:27 AM)awakened53 Wrote: Kevin Shipp ex CIA Whistleblower exposes the Shadow Government and Deep State

The world that humanity in general experiences as the seen, is where governments are chosen by the ballot box through something called ‘democracy’ and from this come laws and regulations that apply to everyone, including governments, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, military, and so on. This world doesn’t really exist in any form except in theory and the structure of government and ‘democracy’ in all its expressions is there to control the population, not to hold itself to account. 

The ‘laws’ apply only to the ‘little people’, with increasingly rare exceptions, while the other world does as it likes. It is the realm of Satanism, secret societies, semi-secret groups, banks and corporations that dictate public policy and the direction of human society by imposing the laws from the shadows which, in the world of the seen, appear on the surface to be the work of politicians accountable to The People through open debate and elections. 

In this realm of the unseen there are no laws or checks and balances on unfettered power. It is, after all, the realm created by unfettered power to infinitely expand unfettered power. In short, it does whatever it wants without challenge or accountability, except in the sense that lower levels of the unseen are strictly accountable to those above them. The unseen hierarchy is accountable only to itself and not at all to the hierarchy of the seen that we see as governments, intelligence agencies, law enforcement and military. 

Once you realise this there is nothing in theme that even an insider like Edward Snowden can tell you that is not already obvious. The fact that so many –not least in the media –have reacted with shock and outrage shows just how firewalled the unseen is from the perceptions of the seen. 

There is, however, much to be encouraged about, too. The very fact that these insiders are breaking ranks for a start and there are going to be many more as they see that staying silent is not an option given the direction the world is being taken and to what end. The dot-connecting of the alternative media is having a powerful effect by showing those on the inside how what they know and do connects with what others know and do to create a highly sinister pattern and picture. It is pulling down the walls of compartmentalisation and that is why the forces of suppression are now in such a panic. The dam is cracking and this is just the start.

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