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The city of Jerusalem divided into 3 parts, likewise the world by 3 powerful forces.
(07-04-2018, 03:56 PM)Greg D Wrote: Thanks for clearing that up Apprentice. All the billions of people now and through out history, should have been paying attention to some city in southern India.

I'm sorry I forgot your the only expert on these matters.

Am I smarter than the average bear, Maybe, but certainly not the only person who can see through the rhetoric, and will certainly not be the last.

It is the experts who concentrate way too hard on their obsession, an obsession not of their own volition that are the problem behind so much misery, a misery which has been re-invented so many times that our minds are no longer able to think for themselves and function in the Manna they were given to us at birth and we ruin ourselves by choice.

So where is your turn the other cheek model in all of this, instead when some shares his thoughts and feelings, out come the old Jedi mind tricks and blasphemy notices, which were once medieval death sentances, No Sorry, it is for the individual to think for themselves not wait for promises that have and never will come, even after so many predictions, here is a bet I am willing to place regardless of the cost to my being.

There are a thousand ways in which one can travel and another few thousand ways to follow blindly upon a promise, I simply chose to ignore all of them and go where I want to.

And will show how others can without any promises attached and a possible truth of the matter.

And what might the truth bread be but "knowledge", but many might not enjoy hearing that the knowledge and the truth and techniques behind how we are being manipulated by a ruthless class of human beings who simply want full control of the people themselves, a ruling elite who see peace in our times, but on their terms, like a bunch of wanton boys are as to flies, who continue and encourage us to kill each other on a whim and in doing so destroy adaptability and independant thoughts, at our cost.

On learning the truth behind how we are being manipulated they often rip the messengers apart, because the pain or pearls of what is happening is simply far to painful to see, which we see right throughout this thread and topic.

There is an old saying which goes, Straws upon the surface flows, those who seek for pearls must dive below.

Most are still floating upon the surface without any useful knowledge to help our whole, not just the few who think they know and ask us for pennance, like the old charlatons of fire breathing Magi of old Asia, who would pray for their followers for the sun to rise tomorrow and ripen not only their crops but their minds eye and a pocket full of lies to behold.

Without the propper knowledge that brings stabitlity of our times, all we have left are

Let the dew or magicains lies that fell upon us during the night, dry out again when the sun rises upon mankind, and drive away the darkness procured by the lying Magi in our midst, let them starve while we give then nothing. Fill their tythe barns no longer with the fruits of our labour/loombs cherish our sons and daughters that they use for their dellusional sacrifices, to build cathedrals and houses of ill repute, and then send the food from those barns to fight their holy wars.

Enough is enough, we must rise above their religious fog that currently blots out our beautiful vallies and wonderful dales, blow it away I tell you, be gone from this place that we may once live in a golden age of our own volition, you know it makes sense.

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